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  1. kiszi

    Really need your input!

    Were you happy with your pay before? If so, i suggest you mind your business. You dont know what this nurse was making at her last job or how the pay negotiations went for this one. If you plan to "demand" a raise, be prepared to leave if they say no. I would also advise saying nothing about what you saw, but ask based on what your research has shown to be fair compensation for someone in your position.
  2. kiszi

    Question about community college NP interview

    Director of what? The student health clinic?
  3. kiszi

    Afraid to quit my job

    Leave if you must, but if the company policy is to give a month notice and you only give two weeks, you can expect to not be eligible for rehire. Is it possible to sit down with the DON and discuss your concerns, or it is beyond that by this point?
  4. Plenty of full-time workers do something PRN on the side. I think it's best to be up-front with a potential PRN job about your availability and needs. As to whether it will hurt your chances, it really depends on what the employer is looking for. But if they want someone who can drop everything and pick up shifts anytime, it probably isn't the place for you anyhow.
  5. kiszi

    Kicking myself

    Sounds like part of the blame lies on the nurse that acknowledged the order and didn't pass the info along. At any rate, no need to beat yourself up. Use this experience to do better.
  6. kiszi

    Declined dream job offer??

    It doesn't hurt to try!
  7. kiszi

    What's your best 'Nurse Hack'?

    Way to quickly prime IV tubing without using the roller clamp: Spike bag upside down. Squeeze drip chamber, flip right side up, release. No bubbles! Also, when priming with a glass bottle, squeeze and fill the drip chamber before opening the air vent. The fluid won't flow till the vent is opened.
  8. kiszi

    Does anyone really read all this charting?

    Yep, I've known doctors to look at it. One would even check to make sure nurses were titrating drips when the bps were outside parameters.
  9. kiszi

    What is a post cath interventional unit like?

    Every hospital is different, but mine has a cardiac stepdown/progressive unit that sounds similar. Most acute post-cath intervention patients go there if they are stable enough to not need ICU. Nurses there do sheath pulls, drips, BIPAP, etc. All patients are on tele monitoring with bedside and central monitors. The acuity can be high at times. It's a great stepping stone for ICU; many nurses in my cardiac unit have come from there.
  10. kiszi

    CMC/UNCC CRNA 2018

    You are correct on the application deadlines and start dates. As far as housing, if you want an apartment you should have no problem finding a good one close to the hospital or university. Houses to rent or buy can be a little more tricky to find.
  11. kiszi

    Ethics of the DOA screen

    My perspective on tox screens is that of a CCU nurse. It actually surprises me how often tox screens are not done on pts presenting with cardiac arrest with no known cause. It can be a valuable tool when used in the right situations. Generally I don't do many tox screens, as they are typically done in the ED. However, I don't explain what each lab test is for unless asked, and the same would apply for urine screens. If asked, I would inform the patient we are checking their urine for potential substances that could be affecting their condition. Consent for testing the MD deems necessary is included in the consent to treatment.
  12. kiszi

    Cardiac Step Down- ACLS Required for RN's?

    I work in a cardiac ICU and serve as a code team member. The majority of codes I go to occur on step-down units. So yeah, I'd say ACLS is essential. I believe it is required at my facility also, but not 100% sure.
  13. kiszi

    Dealing With Passive Aggression

    I would have said something like, "yeah, the department really was a mess after the remodel! Its awesome that you guys stepped up and took care of business! Great job!" But then I am one to avoid confrontation whenever possible.
  14. kiszi

    Do mom's still use Sitz baths ?!

    Well, I was given a sitz bath when my oldest was born and never used it in the hospital, but it was a lifesaver when I got home! Maybe the new moms are embarrassed to use it in the hospital and could be encouraged to take it home at least?
  15. kiszi

    Wacky Nursing Dreams

    I got report that my patient was dead. I went in the room, and she was lying in a bathtub, dead as can be. Then one of the docs and I tried to drag her out of the bed by her feet. As we're doing this, I noticed her skin was really macerated and coming off in chunks. Then she opened her eyes and started talking.
  16. kiszi

    Track to being a future CRNA?

    Cath lab experience will not get you anywhere. If CRNA is your goal, start getting ICU experience now. Most applicants to anesthesia programs have more than the minimum 12-18 months when they apply. I suggest you look up the admission process and requirements for several schools that interest you to get an idea of what will be involved.