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unicoRNurse has 3 years experience.

I'm unicoRNurse, a second-career nurse. I work on a PCU -- the struggle is real 😭 -- and also work as a PRN SANE.

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  1. unicoRNurse

    How stressful is a career as a Nurse?

    What makes this job stressful? Let's see... Life and death. Constant short staffing. High acuity patients, and too many of them. Families. Doctors. Management. Too much to do and not enough time to do it. Very long hours, often without breaks. Patient satisfaction surveys. Etc.
  2. I know this is an older post, but I wanted to add that I have one of those nylon pocket protector things in which I keep my pens, scissors, penlight, hemostats, alcohol pads, Sharpie and dry erase marker, and it's proved invaluable. In addition to making it easy to empty my pocket and not lose that stuff between shifts, ink ruins white scrubs (and I'm not huge on fashion, but ink-stained pockets on white scrubs is not a cute look) and it's too easy to not click a pen closed before putting in in your pocket. In my other top pocket I carry my watch on a lanyard. In my pants pockets I keep my own stuff -- a tissue, lip balm, gum, and a few dollars for lunch. In my cargo leg pocket I keep my phone; my hope is that it's low and lateral enough that it's out of harm's way.
  3. unicoRNurse

    advise requested

    I would be surprised if your facility's policy didn't require you to report something like that to management.
  4. unicoRNurse

    Key lanyards around neck

    So this person is willing to sacrifice patients' and staff members' health and safety to ensure she isn't awoken again at night. Nice. I wouldn't wear it on my neck. I would do lanyard in pocket, as suggested by a previous poster, or put the keys on one of those plastic coil key chains and wear it high on my arm, above the elbow, on the outside of my sleeve. Or maybe even clip them to my pants with a mini carabeener. There are plenty of ways to attach (yet another) item to one's person without making it a dangerous, swinging mass of bacteria.
  5. unicoRNurse

    Step down units: what's your ratio?

    1:4. General, but lots of cardiac (we recover cardiac cath with intervention), and there are also 4 dialysis beds.
  6. unicoRNurse

    Mantra?... Whats yours??...

    Let go or be dragged.
  7. unicoRNurse

    New nurse and feeling discouraged by older nurses?

    TBI = traumatic brain injury.
  8. unicoRNurse

    tips on finding a job

    In my area, and in my experience, knowing someone is key. Despite a stellar academic record and receiving awards for my clinical practice, I couldn't get the time of day until a friend who works for the company emailed the recruiter for one system saying, "unicoRNurse applied for x job, and I just wanted to let you know that she would be an excellent addition to the team, yadda yadda." Even then, it was over a week past my follow-up email (which I sent a month after my friend's referral email) that I got a call. I did eventually get hired (for a different position), but haven't started working yet. The only other people from my class who have jobs (who didn't already work as MAs or PCAs for the systems that hired them) are people who had friends give their resumes to NMs, totally bypassing the recruiter/HR. That is how a LOT of hiring seems to happen. Full disclosure, I only applied for jobs I wanted (FT hospital positions, with two hospital systems only), and I actually did end up getting a call from the system at which I did not have an "in," a couple days after I got hired at the other system. Had I applied for LTC/SNF, home health, or other systems, I may have been hired sooner than late October, but I have a good job that permitted me to be a little more selective. Good luck in your search!
  9. unicoRNurse

    What color are your scrubs?

    Nurses in all white. :/
  10. Milysa made a good point; I wore white scrubs because the NM asked me to. I would definitely ask someone what to wear (if it weren't specified) rather than guessing.
  11. I agree with Swellz. When I shadowed, it was strictly observation (I'm sure there is a liability reason for that), and the NM told me straight out that the purpose was for me to get a feel for the culture of the unit, and see if I think I would be happy there, and for the nurse I shadowed to offer the NM an opinion on how well I would fit in with their culture. The NM's position was that the nursing skills will come with time and experience, but you can't teach compassion, good interpersonal skills, integrity, etc., so it was important to her that the right candidate have those traits (and a compatible personality) more than anything else. I wore nursing whites (what the nurses there wear), and made sure to look professional (clean, pressed scrubs, shoes polished, subtle makeup, hair pulled back, no gum, etc.). I'm pleased to say that 1) I wanted the job more after I shadowed than I did before, and 2) lucky for me, I was offered the position and will start next month! :). Good luck to you!
  12. unicoRNurse

    Exam question - Heparin Side Effects

    In some places (Canada, for one) they say they "wrote" an exam instead of saying they "took" an exam. I don't believe the OP is the author of the test.
  13. unicoRNurse

    Hate It

    Are you able to identify what, specifically, it is that you hate? For instance, do you hate people, or do you hate feeling awkward and like you don't know how to do anything? Because one of those things will resolve itself with time and experience, and one will not.
  14. unicoRNurse

    First US ebola patient died --inaccurate news report

    I heard on the radio that they are out of the trial med (serum) and will have more made in a month to a month and a half.
  15. unicoRNurse

    Epic (Nursing) FAILS!

    I know this is an old thread, but I'm so glad I found it -- these stories are hilarious! Okay, I've done plenty of stupid things at clinical, and I'm sure once I start working I will do many more. But for the time being, this is my best so far. I was in my last semester of nursing school, and we had a rotation in an ED. I had missed the orientation to the ED, because I was pulled and given the opportunity to spend our first morning in the psych ED. It was cool, but then I spent the rest of the day feeling like a bit of a dolt, because I had to keep asking my colleagues where thing were, what the codes were, where to put things, and other stuff they'd learned during the ED orientation. Anyway, I had a bedpan to deal with, and a friend saw me and offered to show me what to do with it, since she knew I was still figuring things out. I followed her to this tiny little utility-type room, which has a receptacle for urinals, another for bedpans, a dirty linens cart, biohazard garbage, etc. -- just the room where all the nasty stuff goes, I guess. In addition to all the other stuff I mentioned, there was this odd sink/toilet hybrid thing. It was a large, waist-high porcelain sink, with faucets, handles, a hose, and just a bunch of plumbing and such on the wall behind/above it. It also had two foot pedals an inch off the floor, and instead of a drain, it looked like a toilet on the bottom of the basin, and it flushed like one as well. So I'm just looking at this thing, glad that my friend offered to come with me. I went ahead and turned on the faucet, rinsed out the bedpan, and turned the water off, just like a normal sink, then asked my friend how to flush it. She was doing something else behind me, and told me to step on the middle pedal. I look down, and I only see two pedals. So I gestured toward the one closest to me and said, "There are only two; should I press this one?" and she says, "Yeah, the middle one." I'm thinking, "What middle?" but rather than continuing to go back and forth like some weird version of "who's on first," I figured I'd just step on the one I was referring to, because what's the worst that can happen if it's the wrong one? It's just a sink/toilet thing, and it will either flush, or water will come out of the faucet -- no problem, right? So feeling brave, I step on the pedal, and all of a sudden it's raining. Torrential downpour, inside the hospital. (That's what it seemed like to me, for a split second, anyway.) I was getting hit with water from all directions, and eventually realized that among all the pipes and tubing behind the basin, there was a handheld shower hose thing, which was in its holder, facing the ceiling -- and water was shooting out of it with a mad fury, ricocheting off the ceiling, plumbing, and walls, and getting all over my poor friend and me. My friend says, "Turn it off, turn it off!" but I can't because I don't know how. Then I realized that I could at least take the hose handle down from its holder and aim it into the basin (or anywhere other than the ceiling), then work on figuring out how to turn the water off -- but the spray was too strong for me to get close enough to the hose handle. So without even thinking about what I was doing, I shoved the bedpan out in front of me and into the main stream of water, like some kind of a shield, so I could at least get close enough to reach the hose thing without taking water directly into my face (any more than I already had, anyway). Of course, now water is spraying out of the bedpan and onto my arms and heaven knows where else; I had already rinsed out the bedpan, but still. So gross. By the time I was finally able to get a hold of the hose handle, the water shut off as suddenly as it had started, and I just stood there, mortified, like a wet deer in headlights. Fortunately, my friend wasn't as drenched as I was, since I was between her and the sink/toilet. To her credit, she helped me dry the entire room with towels, and didn't make me feel any worse about it than I already did (although, when I later went to confess to my instructor, she cut me off with, "Yeah, I already heard all about it."). After we got the room sorted, my friend asked me which pedal I had pushed, and I showed her. She goes, "That's not the right one. [Ya think??? Hahaha!] It's the one in the middle." So finally, I just looked at her and said, "Seriously, what middle are you talking about?!? There are only two pedals!" She walks over to where I had been standing the entire time, and says, "Oh. You can't see it from here." So we both squat down, and under the sink, at least a foot high off the ground, was a third, and indeed, MIDDLE pedal. It was so high off the ground that you had to be several feet away from the sink in order to see it -- and obviously, I didn't. I felt like such a tool. But, there's a silver lining: my friend was the only witness, and I hadn't decided to forgo a tank top under my white uniform shirt that day.
  16. unicoRNurse

    Graduating May 2014! :)

    74 days till graduation -- can't come soon enough!!!