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LakeEmerald has 4 years experience and specializes in Emergency/ICU.

Hello, I love being a nurse MOST of the time and I enjoy reading the posts here. I specialize in ED, and occasionally drift to the ICU. Best Wishes to all!

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  1. LakeEmerald

    Ideas I had for helping to educate the public

    Your ideas are good and solid. Thanks for sharing them. I wish you all the best in your journey.
  2. LakeEmerald

    Nurse used same syringe on 67 people at N.J. flu clinic

    Is the flu vaccine even supplied in a multi-dose vial? All the vaccines I've seen were single dose. This seems just TOO stupid to be real.
  3. LakeEmerald

    Want to quit after 3 months!

    There's nothing wrong with approaching your employer with a professionally done resignation letter and stating that, "It's just not working out," without assigning fault to either side. It's called a graceful exit and will serve you well, especially ...
  4. LakeEmerald

    Developing a thick skin

    Show them as much love as you can. Most people are scared and feel out of control and want to know someone cares. I'm not talking about being fake and gooey sweet. Just simple kindness and respect. I mean truly listen to their CC, show concern (e...
  5. LakeEmerald

    RN that doesn't want to be an NP

    I don't want to be an NP. And I'm sure I could if I wanted to, I've always done very well in school. But, I love being at the bedside, where the action is! It's worth it to wipe a few butts occasionally to have the privilege to be intimately in...
  6. LakeEmerald

    Brian Short News

    Brian, Allnurses has been a life-saver to me and countless others who felt they were alone until they found your community. Your work here was strong. Thank you.
  7. LakeEmerald

    Narcissistic ED

    Lol! I thought you were going to talk about how Emergency Department staff love their jobs/themselves too much! Just hang on, these types of off-balance people eventually make their nature apparent to everyone, including those who write their pay...
  8. LakeEmerald

    Adenosine administration

    Aren't you supposed to push 6mg, then 12mg? Wonder why the MD told you to push another 6mg instead of 12mg? Not how it's usually done. In my ED, yes, the MD would be at bedside and heck yes, the pt would be on the defibrillator/cardioverter/monito...
  9. LakeEmerald


    We see them weekly in our ED. Mostly male, mostly found babbling incoherently, confused, paranoid, fearful, combative. Some have tremors, a few seize. Had one go to the ICU for rhabdo recently: he was so combative and revved up that his muscles had b...
  10. LakeEmerald

    Priming Butterfly tubing for IV

    I've never infused/pushed any med with a butterfly needle, but that seems like a substantial amount of air in the tubing. I wouldn't be comfortable with it. Why wouldn't one just start an IV if meds might be pushed?
  11. LakeEmerald

    Price of Patient Satisfaction

    Being yelled out because you are trying to politely and professionally enforce a policy is not OK and your charge should have reinforced your back on this, as well as your director. Sorry you didn't have appropriate back up. It is never OK to be ye...
  12. LakeEmerald

    HELP.Giving magnesium sulfate T.I.M

    Just curious, are new nurses are being taught to give IM injections in the buttock area? I thought this practice had been rejected because of potentially hitting the sciatic nerve? We were taught to use the ventralgluteal and it's what I mostly use ...
  13. LakeEmerald

    Is it possible to move from surgery to ER

    Find a friend in the ED that will allow you to shadow her without pay for a few hours just to see what it's like. In the process, make sure she/he introduces you to your director or clinical coordinator. If you express a healthy curiosity for the E...
  14. LakeEmerald

    Nurses and their pens

    Pencil....? *shudder*
  15. LakeEmerald

    You're Not Dehydrated.

    Our MD's often order IV fluids before the labs are even drawn or complete. I think it covers the patient just in case they are dehydrated, and helps speed along their ED stay since their fluids will hopefully be at least half-way or all the way in by...