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tigkaskit has 13 years experience and specializes in Ped ICU, Perinatal.

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  1. tigkaskit

    Tips for first time moms from L & D nurses

    Bring your own pillow. I'm serious. Those things are a hot commodity and every patient seems to (legitimately) need 4-5, plus 1 for their significant other.
  2. tigkaskit

    42 Years Old - Is it too late to become a nurse?

    When you consider that retirement age is 20+ years away, 42 is certainly NOT too old to try something new.
  3. tigkaskit

    New Process Admitting Couplets... HELP!!!

    I'll agree with the others that said that 6 couplets is WAYYYYY too many. I'll admit though, that I've worked on a small PP floor where we routinely had 5 or 6 couplets, and we survived. I'm not sure how, but I think our acuity was really low at that time which helps. AWOHNN standards dictate 3-4 couplets, which is what we follow. We also have a lot of NICU moms, and antepartums, so we would rarely have 4 moms and 4 babies. It's usually 3:2, 4:2, or 4:3, or something like that. Our L&D does the initial baby assessment. Skin-to-skin for 1hr, then shots/drops, measurements, footprints, assessment, etc. Bath is delayed for 24hrs and is generally done at the bedside by the tech or RN (usually the RN). Admissions to the floor involve assessment on both mom and baby, and orientation to unit and room (reviewing visiting hours, plan of care, etc). I personally feel the orientation/education portion is the most time-consuming. The RN is generally on her own for admissions but it's really a 1-person job anyway. Although we are supposed to document at the bedside, we usually do it at the desk when we can. By the time couplets are transferred to us, they're so exhausted they usually just want to be left alone. I can't imagine having to do all the required baby stuff (that our L&D does) when we get them.
  4. tigkaskit

    Mandated colors

    When we opened our new hospital 18 months ago, we went to color coded scrubs for each job. Nurses are navy, techs are olive, pharmacy is black, etc etc. Our OR/L&D scrubs changed from that greenish color to royal. As much as I didn't really want to give up my prints, I really love the uniforms. We look so professional. And while we have to buy the scrubs through the hospital (embroidered with the logo and job title) we do have a choice of styles so we can pick ones that fit the best.
  5. tigkaskit

    Bedside handoff report on mother/baby unit

    This is totally us as well. I think the switching back and forth between couplet and nursery is a bit odd. Do you force your moms to send the baby to the nursery? If mom IS keeping her baby in the room overnight, I'm assuming then both the PP RN as well as the Nursery RN would have to check in with her for cares which would increase the amount of interruptions at a time when they should be minimized. I would MUCH rather have 3 couplets than have 6 moms to care for. We're working toward baby-friendly status now so we are supposed to encourage not sending the baby to the nursery also. However, as someone who's had 3 babies and DID send them to the nursery between feeds (and still successfully breastfed for roughly 18months each), I might be a little ticked off if I got a lecture (even a polite lecture) against this. Yes, moms DO need to sleep and this is the only opportunity to do so. They're not going to be able to send their baby off when they get home so why not take advantage of it for the 2 nights they can. Many moms have been awake for well over 24hrs and even the normal little whimpers of a newborn can be hard to sleep through. Just trying to give you a mom's take on this.
  6. tigkaskit

    Where do your postpartum Mag patients go?

    L&D. And as with a previous poster, baby could board as long as another adult takes responsibility.
  7. tigkaskit

    I can't take it anymore!

    Healthcare is a really tight-knit field. Managers talk between hospitals all the time, and you never know when you're going to cross paths with someone down the road. Burning bridges is NEVER a good thing. In my area, giving notice as an RN has always been 4 weeks. Is it still the standard 2 weeks in other areas?
  8. tigkaskit

    Questions on having closed Peds/PICU and stop floating

    hmmm. I don't have any research to offer you, just personal experience. As a former PICU nurse who just transferred to mother/baby (and other OBGYN units), I can tell you that the knowledge base is COMPLETELY different. Granted, the pts in mother/baby are generally healthy, but you still need to assess appropriately (both mom and baby) and my PICU knowledge doesn't always cross over too much into the adult arena. Give me an intubated child with dropping O2sats or high ETCO2 and I could tell you exactly how to "troubleshoot" so to speak...give me a mom with PP hemorrhage and I get a little nervous. And a Peds nurse floating to an ICU is just unsafe in general. Now I do come from a large teaching hospital with a Level 4 NICU and a 20-something bed PICU, and no one floats to other units. I'm sorry I'm not really helping you. I'm angry for you that you're required to float and could potentially put these patients at risk.
  9. tigkaskit

    Sleep/work schedule for working 12 hour nights

    That's almost how I did it also...except that I would generally go to bed as soon as I got home and sleep 8a-4p. On my last night, I'd sleep from 8a-12 or 1p, then go to bed at 10ish for the night. 3 in a row was really hard for me (although 3 nights in a row was much easier than 3 day shifts in a row). By the last shift my feet hurt, my legs hurt, and I was cranky regardless of how much I had slept. I'm now in the situation that your preceptor is in. I have a baby, and only work 1 shift at a time. It's killer, but I only work 24hrs/wk, and it beats putting my baby in daycare!
  10. tigkaskit

    Pregnancy question

    Either way, being pregnant during school and being pregnant while working are both hard! But I'm sure I dont' have to tell you that since this isn't your first.
  11. tigkaskit

    Help- Switching jobs after maternity leave

    I totally agree with the previous post. If you work till 5, get home at say 5:30, and your baby goes to bed around 7:30 or 8 (basing this on my own 9 week old), you barely have any time with your little one. If you can stand the 12hr shifts but can't stand nights, can you possibly switch to 12hr days? Or is part-time an option? I really feel like the more full days off you have, the better.
  12. tigkaskit

    clogs that don't press on top of foot

    Thanks guys. The Earth shoes look kinda like Birkenstocks. They might be nice. I did try on some more Merrells at REI. Surprisingly I had to wear a 7 1/2 in the one model. I usually wear 7, and sometimes 6.5 in shoes. How frustrating that sizing can't be consistent, even within the same brand.
  13. tigkaskit

    Pregnancy question

    Can you delay getting pregnant for about 4 months after starting a job? That would let you qualify for FMLA since you will have been there a year at the end of your pregnancy, right? I'm currently on maternity leave, and love that I can be off for the full 12 weeks. If I'd had to go back after only 6 weeks I think I would have had a really hard time. Out of your 2 options you posted, I think I might rather be pregant thru my last semester (although it will be really hard) so that I could spend as much time with the baby as I wanted before committing to a job.
  14. tigkaskit

    Help- Switching jobs after maternity leave

    I am returning to work in a few weeks after maternity leave, and I am choosing to work 12hr nights (only 2 shifts per week) so that we can avoid paying for childcare. Have you thought about your child care options if you're working M-F? I know the increased pay is a big draw, but you're going to be spending it on daycare unless you're lucky enough to have a family member watch your baby for free. I'd be reluctant to leave L&D since it sounds like you like it so much. Sometimes it's hard to find a nursing job you actually like!
  15. This winter I bought a pair of Merrell slides with the fleecy insides (like the "Chill Stitch" model but these were "Primo" something, maybe last year's model). I LOVE LOVE LOVE them. They are super comfy, were great while I was pregnant, and I wear them nearly every day. Anyway, I'm soon going back to work and want a pair of Merrells that are just as comfy but that my feet won't sweat in at work. So I ordered a pair of Merrells Encore Breeze. But the top band of the one shoe is pressing down on my foot bone. I've had similar problems with other clogs. It seems very few stores near me sell Merrells, and I hate to keep buying/returning online. Would a half size bigger make sense? Any suggestions on a different style of Merrells that would be super comfy for work? Maybe the Jungle Slides? I really want a slip-on clog, but please don't suggest Crocs. They don't have the support I like.
  16. tigkaskit

    NPs in the PICU

    My unit has NPs. They work similar to our residents,as in, they answer to the fellows, certain orders need to be cosigned, etc. But we as nurses absolutely love having an NP assigned to our pt. Residents rotate through every month, and most don't want to go into PICU anyway, whereas our NPs are with us for the long haul so they really learn what's going on and how to deal with PICU issues.