We had a lockdown today. "THIS IS NOT A DRILL"

Everyone is fine, there was a problem at another building and they locked us down as a precaution, but I was never so scared.

And I had no idea where my 16 year old was.


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Oh Far! That is nauseatingly awful! I'm so glad you are okay now. I hope you never have to experience that again.

Does your school have a way to have the kids contact their parents in such an emergency? As a parent, I'd be beside myself until I heard he/she were ok.


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Yikes. One doesn't know what real fear is until they have children.


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Yes, they sent out a phone blast to let us know it's okay. I think it was potential threat in the area/at the other building, so...

Glad they did it, it's the right thing to do, but OMG. Scary.

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We have had 2 lock downs in our district so far....all schools. My kids are grown but I know many teachers were texting and trying to make sure their kids were okay.


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We have only experienced a bad weather lockdown with a possible tornado headed our way and that was bad enough - I can only imagine what it was like with a possible threat around the building.

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Glad everything is okay! Several years ago my daughter's high school had a "come pick up your kid" post-lockdown. I would have been more nervous to find her, but in a school of 1500 she was the only blonde. It was like Where's Waldo.


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Glad everything is okay, life is scary when you have kids, but always worth it.


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Ugh Glad it is all ok!

Last year we had a fire drill (unplanned) the first day of school @ 730 AM!

A sensor was bad, what a way to start especially for all the frosh and new kids!!!


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Scary! The only real lockdown we've had at my school is when a student was thought to be trying to flee the building when he ran out of the principal's office

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Very scary! Glad all is ok.


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Had a lockdown in the morning (as I was heading out of the door for a mandatory hearing/vision training). Someone saw a young gentlemen hop a fence near our field where students were at recess.

We were locked down for 45 minutes and cops came in through our office and confronted the man.

Turns out he was a parent who walks his son to school. He forget to give him something and instead of going around he hopped the fence.