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  1. Odd days with Moon Phases

    They don't really block much and tend to block the weirdest things. I get about 5 - 10 minutes of down time here and there. I posted this at the end of the day during my "lunch" when I was able to take it. And now replying in the very morning as I g...
  2. Odd days with Moon Phases

    Hello all! Just wondering since today has been the CRAZIEST of days... 5 head injuries, 3 breathing issues, twisted knee, 6 students hurt by another student (all different and intentional), staff member hurt from a student, student bit by another, od...
  3. Lockdown!

    Had a lockdown in the morning (as I was heading out of the door for a mandatory hearing/vision training). Someone saw a young gentlemen hop a fence near our field where students were at recess. We were locked down for 45 minutes and cops came in thr...
  4. "Other Duties as Assigned"

    My recess duty is a combination of 15 minutes lunch duty and 15 minutes recess duty. It's funny how there are NO injuries at this time with me there when normally I'd receive 5-10 kids from the same group if I weren't
  5. The Vomit Thread

    Of course I have seen the "I threw up" kid and look in the trash can. Nothing but a little spit. Sorry buddy! Back to class you go! Also love the parents that get calls from me because their kid is a frequent flyer and tell me unless they have a fe...
  6. "Other Duties as Assigned"

    Recess Duty Baby-sit kids who need a "safe place" Refer parents to clinic for birth control (please use it!!!) Diagnose weird problems on teachers and kids not of school age (sorry... not a doctor!) Data entry... lots... 85% of my job! Give out CPS f...
  7. Do you notice trends with your student visits?

    Today is change of clothes day. Had TWO kids come in from 1st and 2nd grade who coincidentally peed their pants at the same time in different classrooms.. Seriously, what are the odds of that happening?
  8. The Vomit Thread

    Reminds me of Family Guy episodes where Peter projectile vomits, and then everyone else starts to projectile vomits. It's fine for a few seconds but then you get really nauseous after 1 minute of watching that same scene.
  9. The Vomit Thread

    I love vomit. Why? Because it's VERY clear they are sick and not faking. If they are faking, good for them! They get a "get out of school free" card for today and tomorrow. Vomit = instant call and pickup. No fuss, no hassle!
  10. Crazy Parents

    I get these questions from teachers too... except I have no records of ANY issues with the kids. I have to call home for them to tell me they have life-threatening allergic reactions to peanuts or they have very bad asthma and was recently taken to ...
  11. Crazy Parents

    Had a parent come in because she kept her son home that day. She claimed he had mosquito bites and that they NEVER have had them before. They come from Chicago. She demanded I perscribe him an Over the Counter anti itch ointment so she can get it f...
  12. School Uniform Advice

    I also just found out that parent volunteers were just sitting there because they haven't had their "orientation" yet. So they were just learning the ropes of what needed to be done and ect. It's the 3rd week of school... no orientation yet...
  13. School Uniform Advice

    Those are really great ideas. I haven't seen any in school suspensions yet, but will relay that to the principle that they could have a suspension kiddo help. With the ziplock bags that is also a great idea. I'm worried about the cost though. Ar...
  14. School Uniform Advice

    800 students. I'm not sure if that's large or not in comparison to other schools. K-6
  15. Ridiculous Reasons to See the Nurse

    I tell the kids their glasses need a visit with their teachers tape dispenser and send them back...