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CalNevaMimi is a LPN, LVN and specializes in DD, PD/Agency Peds, School Sites.

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  1. CalNevaMimi

    Nurse Face Her Fears To Help Patient

    I've been working as a nurse in schools for a few years and will be switching to home health soon. Thank you SO MUCH for this!
  2. CalNevaMimi

    LVN license by endorsement California

    I hope this helps. I am a CA LVN and recently got endorsement to another state. I mailed the endorsement form on January 2 and they didn't process it until the middle of March. It took 10 weeks just for them to sign and mail the endorsement letter. I was going nuts. I even thought they might have lost it, so I submitted another one online and paid again. Very frustrating, compared to the state I'm moving to, which processed my application and had a temporary license for me in ONE week. Hang in there and good luck in CA.
  3. CalNevaMimi

    Tell on yourself, if you dare...

    Not me, but I was involved. It was in nursing school. We were paired up to practice intradermal injections. My partner was nervous...and she proceeded to slide that sucker in...and OUT the other end, like a safety pin. A crowd gathered. She didn't realize what she'd done until I very calmly suggested that she back that thing out verrrrry slowly. I thought it was hilarious.
  4. CalNevaMimi

    C'Mon Now!

    Working the middle school health office today...boy, do I have an academy award winner in here at the moment. This kid came in complaining of a vague vision problem in only one corner of one eye...and it magically disappeared after talking to mom. Now, he's back...with nausea. What a coincidence that they are running a mile in PE today. Had kid call his mother so she could enjoy the performance, too. C'mon now!
  5. CalNevaMimi

    I think a kid is pocketing pills?!?!

    I learned some things from working in a state prison. Look in the mouth to see the pill in there. Check the cup after to make sure it didn't end up in the cup. Check inside the mouth after...under the tongue, too. Watch the hands before and after. Check the floor to make sure the pill wasn't dropped there. Maybe watch the person after to make sure the pill isn't barfed back up (gross, but it happens). Little stinkers have many, many ways of trying to fool us.
  6. CalNevaMimi

    New School Nurse looking for liability advice

    I wish I could hit the "like" button 100 times!
  7. CalNevaMimi

    New School Nurse looking for liability advice

    Sounds like there needs to be a very specific written plan filled out and signed by parents AND doctor. I'd most likely still call 911 though. Angry parents are better to deal with than a non-responsive child. I'd have a O2 sat/HR monitor handy for sure to go with the specific written plan because of the asthma. We all know how scary that can be. Tough situation. I've had to call 911 several times and only got side-eye for it once by an assistant administrator. That person got over it.
  8. CalNevaMimi

    ADHD just not understood

    Former teacher here. One of my required credential classes was "The Exceptional Student," including those with ADD/ADHD.
  9. CalNevaMimi


    I'd call. Could be fleas, but if it's bed bugs mom might need some resources. Poor kiddo. Also, they can hitch a ride on a backpack and end up at school. Hope the teachers don't go into hysterics.
  10. CalNevaMimi

    Kids doing this on purpose?

    I'd make the kid call their parents so I could enjoy that conversation from afar. Sorry you're having a tough time with these guys. Doesn't it scare you a little to know that they are our future? Our little lovelies have been throwing raw eggs on each other lately. So charming.
  11. CalNevaMimi

    No Bathroom UGH

    Far!!! (excuse me while I give her a hug...it's been a while)
  12. CalNevaMimi

    No Bathroom UGH

    The last time I worked in a health office with a restroom, it constantly smelled like poo, so I can't say I miss that.
  13. CalNevaMimi

    CA LVN's Endorsing Elsewhere

    Did you know you can use the online BREEZE system to have your CA LVN license verified? I just found out by accident yesterday. I had no idea it even existed. Six weeks ago I mailed in the proper form from the state I'd like to be endorsed to with a check for the fee to the Board. Nothing. Crickets. No cashed check. No way to know what's going on. Read the Google reviews when you need a good laugh. So, imagine my surprise when I found out that there is this "new" BREEZE online thingy. Registered, linked my LVN license following their easy steps, and low and behold...TA-DAH, I found out that I can have my license verified and endorsed to my chosen state online. The form can be uploaded and they will take a credit card for the fee. Done! I have a "pending" status and proof that it was paid for. Now, the waiting. Either my check will finally be cashed or this new attempt will go through. BTW, I had a temporary LPN license in my other state in less than a week. This is the only thing that they are waiting for. Amazing. If this helps anyone, then it was worth the time to post.
  14. CalNevaMimi

    New Middle School Nurse!

    These ladies and gentlemen are the best resource I've ever had. I'd give each of them a running flying hug if I could!
  15. CalNevaMimi

    Bottle Up The Magic

    THIS is why it's not exactly a disappointment when my 1:1 student isn't at school...I get to be on AllNurses! Far, my word lately has been "Mt. Crapsuvious"
  16. CalNevaMimi

    When do you call home?

    *visions of snowflakes in my head*