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License expiration date - how does your state handle it?


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In 2012, I got a CNA license that expires the month of my birth on the 28th this year. So, essentially it lasts just over 2 years. Now that I've just gotten my RN license, I was expecting it to go the same way. Imagine my surprise when I discovered that, no, it expires in a few months. I just dug up the legislation related to this, and essentially, they cannot license you for longer than two years at a time. Because Maryland seems to think it would make our lives easier to expire during evenly numbered years if we were born in an evenly number year, I have a brand new nursing license that I need to pay $150 to renew in two months.

Anyway, I'm curious to hear how other states determine initial license expiration vs. renewals.

Esme12, ASN, BSN, RN

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I would double check....some states put provisions for new grads that expire in their licensing year...if not then you have to pay. It's their rules.

Mine expires on my birthday. Some peeps took NCLEX in February, only to have to renew full boat ($105/yr) a few months later. I took mine a month after my birthday, so my first year is almost covered. But yeah, they all do it differently.

CNA certification in my state is totally different. Two years from date of issue.


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I would double check....some states put provisions for new grads that expire in their licensing year...if not then you have to pay. It's their rules.

Maryland doesn't. I am so beyond irritated with this state. 😩

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I'm licensed in Texas and California.

In Texas, those of us who were born during odd-numbered years always renew during our birth month in the odd-numbered years. So I renew during February of 2015, 2017 and so forth. Likewise, nurses born in even-numbered years renew during their birth month in even numbered years (2014, 2016, etc).

California only renews licensing four months out of the year: March, June, September and December. Since my birthday falls closest to March, I renew in March during odd-numbered years. Nurses born during even-numbered years would renew during the month closest to their birthday during even-numbered years.

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Illinois is easy: RN licenses expire May 31 in even numbered years & LPN licenses expire in odd numbered years (not sure what month).

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EVERYBODY expires on the same date in my state. Feb 28, even years. So if you get your license in Sept of 2015, you renew it in Feb of 2016. Lucky ducks who get licensed in March of the even year =)


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For my state all licensed professionals in the same category expire at the same time, on the last day of the month of odd or even years. Example: all LPNs expire March 31 of odd-numbered years, while cosmetologists expire August 31 of even-numbered years (I'm guessing the month but I know they all expire at the same time.) It makes no difference when you got your initial license, the renewal for that license type is set in stone.

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I'm licensed in Vermont and Massachusetts. Both states issue 2-year licenses. In Massachusetts, RN licenses expire in even years, and the date is tied to your birthday. When I lived in Massachusetts, my driver's license and nursing license expired on the same day. In Vermont, all RN licenses expire March 31st in odd years. I have to renew a nursing license every year. Massachusetts requires 15 CEUs to renew, Vermont requires nurses to work 400 hours in 2 years or 960 hours in 5 years.


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Washington state licenses expire on your birthday and if you let it expire then the fee just doubles to get it active again

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In Indiana, all RNs expire on 10-31 on odd years, LPNs I think are the same on even years. I got my license in June of 2011, had to pay full price to renew just 4 months later.

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NJ is also May 31 but some people are even years and some people are odd years