39 and just starting?? Am I crazy?

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Hi, my name is Jeanie and like I said in the title of this post, I am thirty-nine. :eek: I know there have been other people that have posted about their age, but it looks like I might be older than they are.

My question is... is it worth going back to school to get my nursing degree, when I may not finish until I'm about 45? That is, if I go for the BSN. I'm considering the local ADN, but the jr. college is on a lottery system and sometime it takes up to FIVE times to get in.

Anyway, do you think employers would be eagar to hire a new grad that is 45 or 46? Also, I'm curious to know if you guys think it is worth getting the BSN or just go for the ADN. :nurse:

Thanks so much. - Jeanie in Modesto California

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People of all ages go into nursing. Age doesn't really matter. The issue these days seems to be finding a job after graduation.

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Search around this site and you will find MANY who went back to school in late 40's, 50's etc. Many people (like me) are doing nursing as a second career. I just graduated at 51 and got a job in one month. Age doesn't matter, in fact I find I am in a lot of ways better because I'm older. I have years of experience as a worker and just life in general. I'm done with the pettiness, the BS, the insecurities of being younger and just concentrate on my schooling and now my job. Age is a GOOD THING!!! Go for it!

You may be crazy but I'm crazy with you. I am 35 and I've seen posts from others who started older than you. I already have a BS so I'm going to go for a BSN.

The only thing I've heard here though is that California seems to be one of the worst places for getting a job in nursing but if you are willing to relocate/work at less desirable locations, you may have a chance.

I'm thinking by about 40 I'd have a BSN and hopefully the economy will clear up a little bit plus my area doesn't seem to be hit as bad as other areas in terms of overall economy although all sectors are suffering somewhat.

What kind of work are you doing now? Does it pay well? More than a new grad makes?

The financial issue is bigger when you are older and more likely to have more financial responsibilities.

If you have a real plan and backup plan (that does not involve lots of debt), and have done your research about nursing, then why not?

There is also the option of getting the ADN and getting the BSN while working. My employer does tuition reimbursement.


I starting nursing school at age 52 and started working as an RN at age 54. Nursing is one of the professions that, in my opinion, does not discriminate based on age. As you have read on this board, jobs for new grads are hard to come by due to the economic malaise we're experiencing. Nevertheless, I say, go for it, you won't get any younger by waiting!!

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I went to nsg school at age 25 6 yrs ago...I was one of the youngest in the class in the ADN program at the CC. Most of my classmates were 2nd degree students in their mid 30's-mid 40's. The local hospitals gave most of them tuition assistance for a 2yr commitment (only to students who had a prior BS). There were also 'fast track' programs sponsored by the hospitals.

Alot has changed in 6yrs. It is almost impossible to get a job in those hospitals as a new grad and there is no more tuition assistance being given out, the fast track programs were cancelled.

There isn't a problem in and of itself going to nsg school at 39 y.o. but realize the the job market isn't so hot for new grads - you will probably be up against alot of competition for an entry level job, you may need to consider relocation, you may not get the job you want.

Im 39 too and just applied to the LPN program. I would be around 45 too if I finish the rest of the pre-reqs and do the bridge to RN program. If we are crazy, then we are in good company! Many people in 30's and 40's going to school for nursing.

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If you are in great shape physically, then go for it. It is very physically demanding. On the plus side, your kids are probably bigger and don't need you as much timewise when you graduate at age 45. I am sitting out for a while doing side jobs in nursing and working at home until my kids get out of high school.

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I began my nursing education at the age of 50, became an LPN (with most prereqs for RN done) at 52, am now 54, finished RN prereqs and planning to continue on to RN next year.

I agree with previous posters that age is not a hinderance in nursing. I had a job as soon as I passed the NCLEX. My advantage with age is wisdom, life experience and maturity. Raising my children is behind me so my focus is on my career.

You are a youngin compared to me!

I am 48 and just finished my ASN....I am now a GN pending my RN after NCLEX.

I have nearly a decade on you....go for it!

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Crazy here, also! I'm 53 and am currently in an LPN/BSN bridge program.

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