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I have a rule that the only people on my FB are family and friends. I do not add co-workers and don't list my place of employment. I also have my privacy settings set tightly.


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It might be over kill, but I'm a NS and I don't even mention my school. EVER. Even when I got my acceptance letter to the program, I didn't say a word. You just never know these days. Even saying something positive can be misconstrued. I agree with another poster...its a sad police state we live in now days.

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A couple of nurses at my hospital were fired based on a personal exchange they posted on a social networking site. I have been extremely cautious since then.


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A nurse at the hospital I work at copied another nurses fb page and gave them to the supervisor. Luckily the supervisor said it was a problem between the 2 employees involved and they needed to handle it themselves.

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Employers regularly check the Internet social network sites to see what potential employees have online about themselves. It's COMMON.

Keep in mind that there are also people "out there" who make it a mission, or at least self-entertainment, to cause trouble for others. Never ever post anything personal on the Internet. It will be there forever. The troublemakers might make you their target.

I'd recommend doing a search for yourself online. Try www.bing.com and type in your name and any aliases you've used online. I bet you'll be surprised what you find.

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I went and did the Bing search and despite my prolific posting on multiple social sites, nothing comes up on me. Woot!


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Me either! Just other ppl wtih my name lol hahahaa

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Sounds like your boss really needs to get a life.

Sounds like someone alerted the boss. Doubt the boss is surfing the net reading statuses/comments.

That is why I only have a facebook page and have a VERY LIMITED list of only family and closest buddies. NONE are coworkers and it is completely private. I don't have my profession much less place of employment listed.

I use it solely to upload pictures of the family (mostly my 1 yr) old, so that they can have latest pictures.

As a matter of fact, I don't even have pictures of myself and have a generic avatar. I went as far as getting creative that I opened the account with my name and accents (I'm hispanic), where they properly go. Takes an awful long time to find me if you search me lol

Be very careful. :idea:

leslie :-D

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Happy Fourth of July.........! for we are now living within a policed state....:(

i appreciate the irony of that statement, esme.


leslie :-D

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shay, if you haven't already, take down your employers name.

this way, you can still vent about work w/o disclosing who the employer is.

btw, why do they automatically think that bad nocs are associated directly with them, versus pts and families?

is your employer insecure much?:rolleyes:


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I am not so much a believer of the "policed state" of our lives. I believe employers are radically taking advantage of social networking right now and will be interested to see how this changes legally in the next 5-10 years as this type of technology becomes older.

I have a FB, my boss is my friend, I list where I work, I gripe about being tired after work. I have also openly stated if any employer decided my FB posting was more important than my skill set and employment I would gladly hand in my two weeks. As long as I am not violating HIPAA then they can go suck an egg.

To me, this is a form of employer harrassment. Might as well grab my butt and tell me to make you a sandwich while you are at it.


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Don't forget all they need to do is Google the name of the facility, city or any such thing to learn who is saying what... this is a well known fact to travel nurse's that are so screwed over by the many companies out there that like to take advantage of them....

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