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my boyfriend and i live in connecticut and recently attended a meeting for "managers". the directors of this meeting clearly explained that if an employee gets placed on probabtion/get terminated for something they posted on the internet.... the employee could very well seek law counsel... and win... because its free speech! i am no expert... but i believe this is true. i mean, certain things people just shouldnt say on the internet... but by saying you had a bad night at work? i dont know... that sounds like a general statement to me. as long as you didnt mention any names or the place you work.

places of employment... especially the older ones who arent familiar with situations regarding the internet are quick to dish out punishments.... but i think they need to read into the laws.

Not sure if this comes under free speech- Congress shall make no law and all that. I think that is more of a federal thing that the government can't suppress us from whining or joining together or passing out leaflets saying we need a new political party- etc.

I think it comes under the right of the employer to fire you for anything. At-will employment means that the employer can fire you for any reason they choose. You can sue for wrongful discharge if it is a protected right such as a disability. Not sure that complaining about your employer is free speech. It could be considered harmful to the business and the employer could possibly counter-sue.

The grey area that I see is the fact that they are in effect spying on you. Actively seeking out your personal Facebook seems like stalking and harassment to me. I think that in time people will begin to raise more of a stink about this sort of employer behavior and perhaps there will be some limits set. In the meantime this is all a recent phenomena with no real precedents for the courts to look at. How do you define public and private? Is a Facebook site the same as a newspaper ad? Or is it supposed to be for personal use such as a club? These issues are for the courts to decide.

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Lol....my work knows I quit answering the phone, so the other day I got an email to work a shift. Where does it end?

My boss rarely calls me anymore but emails me instead as well. Not because I don't answer on purpose, but because email generally catches my attention faster than my phone vibrating in my purse somewhere in the house.


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Lol....my work knows I quit answering the phone, so the other day I got an email to work a shift. Where does it end?

Oh man just stop that insanity! :lol2:


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We've gotten our warnings at our class orientation about online postings. There was a story about a student who went to a health museum, took pictures of someone's organ, later posting it on their site, and got kicked out of school for it. I don't know if they heckled about it or what, but they had to face those serious consequences for their actions. Our program rules are pretty strict. You pretty much represent the organization whether you have your uniform on or off.

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