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  1. dance4life

    School Nursing

    Interesting. I wouldn't of thought of this. Something I have to think about.
  2. Did you try NYU? They don't have a GPA listed.
  3. dance4life

    HELP! They are investigating my license :(

    Thanks for your advice. I will keep that in mind when I talk to the attorney again. The insurance company referred so they better know something! Goodness grief.
  4. dance4life

    Narcotics missing

    I think it was because, I was a Traveler and well they didn't "know" me because, the complaint I have is so darn fishy. They had every right to blame me for stealing. I had to get an attorney because, right now my license is on the line.
  5. dance4life

    Whats the highest paying assignment youve had?

    Fastaff Montefiore I must say it was the toughest assignment I have ever had.
  6. dance4life

    Background Check?

    I found out this is procedure if you work in a state hospital. I just filled it out anyhow.
  7. dance4life

    HELP! They are investigating my license :(

    This is interesting as it is happening to me. I wonder the result since this was two years ago. I do have Insurance and I do have an attorney. That is the best advice I have read for this situation. Myself. I am scared everything I have worked for will go down the toilet due to my mistakes. This particular hospital has a computerized medication dispenser but they have no way to scan the medication (they were implementing it); so if you document it wrong then forget it.
  8. dance4life

    NY New Grad Jobs-anyone hiring?

    lmao! It totally was. I went to a cheap community college, have my ASN, and worked in the top hospital in the country and I have worked several Magnet here in NYC, and have been asked to stay. I am also working in a hospital right now that only "hires BSN". So please stop spreading unfactual rumors about care. Anyway, I would call all these hospitals that you applied at and keep bugging them. All the hospitals in NYC hire New Grads. I have seen them and worked with them. No, they don't have ASN these days I have been a nurse for 9 years. They say they just keep calling and calling. Plus keep your head up and don't listen to the nay-sayers. If I did I would be homeless.
  9. dance4life

    Relocating from FL to NYC

    Google some hospitals in the city and go directly to their website to apply because, not all advertise their job boards online. Most want you to have a NY License before even applying so I would check on how long the wait is on this first. Don't do HHC or LTC unless you want to. Hospitals do not consider that hospital experience and it will be difficult for you to move past that Specialty. Since, you have float experience in the hospital try to Local NYC Nursing Agencies that the city has to offer to get a contract or Per Diem work at the hospitals. Look up apartment prices via Craigslist so you know what you can expect for prices.
  10. dance4life

    Westchester Medical Center

    I am trying to get in there too. I just applied to two positions. I have been a nurse for 9 years and even still I can't get a permanent job. Trying to leave this Travel Nursing biz.
  11. dance4life

    Anyone been to Montefiore in Bronx, Ny?

    I would call the hospital itself and ask about the parking situation.
  12. dance4life

    Hospitals slowing down on hiring?

    It has been slow it was like this last year around this time as well. It really depends on location.
  13. I would check out JE Furnished Apts too. They are really well managed. They have locations in Quincy and Waltham. All you have to bring is your clothes. They have everything literally! Towels, linens, pots, pans, utensils, etc. They are very reasonably priced! One of the best places I have ever stayed in. I stayed in the Waltham location, drove to the Commuter Rail then to the T. I saved money by buying a pass. Check out MBTA.com for their prices that will help your planning where ever you move too. I am sure the hospital will let you buy a monthly pass to use the public transit which, will save you more money. Just ask someone when you get there. Sometimes I would carpool with another nurse who taught me how to take the back roads to avoid using the Mass Pike. I ended up using her as a reference too. I am not sure about the Quincy location but, I do know nurses that worked at Mass General stayed there and liked it too. Anyway, Good Luck!
  14. dance4life

    Background Check?

    Of course I get background checks. The usual CORI or drug screen. Anyhow, I applied for a Per Diem agency job, got the job of course, the hospital wants me to start orientation next week but, then the Agency asked me to fill out this Child Abuse Registry form. Sure I said and then when I looked at it; it wanted me to fill out all my family members? What?!? I knew it was too good to be true. It was just too easy. lol! I just never heard of this. I am in NY right now waiting for my Travel Assignment to start in but, I have worked for two previous facilities in NY that have not ever asked for this information and the current one I am going to work for hadn't either. So I am not sure if this is a state thing, is this new for Agency, or is this just new? It has been a few years that I have worked Agency and gee wiz this is way out of hand here.
  15. dance4life

    Anyone been to Montefiore in Bronx, Ny?

    Taking public transit is best if you get the apartment in Manhattan. If you are not use to taking NYC transit I would take a day or two to get use to the way the system works. If you are housed further, depending on the location. You can take a shuttle to the Metro, depending which Monte you are assigned to and then get dropped off. I would also not use the parking lot heard that was a nightmare just to wait for parking. The car service is actually a great idea! I had my husband drop me off and pick me up. Or, I would meet him at family's house via subway after work.
  16. dance4life

    Recovering after bullying

    Not yet. But, I did read somewhere that work place bullying will be something that you will be able to sue for in the future. Or, something they are "looking" into because, it really isn't harassment but, it can surely lead into that direction. I certainly believe it is a pattern. That is someone does this and an employee complains that if nothing is done they will do it over and over again to the next person they seek until well it becomes serious. People have a hard time believing that adults are being bullied but, it does happen. It has happened to me in several jobs. I am a Traveler. I can say often enough that I have been bullied for being the newbie or what I call "fresh meat". I mentioned in another thread that I have gotten use to it, as I really have no say in what goes on as I am in a guest in someone's house, so I put up with it. For one I really do ignore it. I mean sticking up for myself does not work as if I cough wrong I can lose a contract. Did that before too, lmao! Usually, I tend to drop what happens at work the minute I leave the hospital. I am not going to say that it doesn't affect me mentally because, sometimes I am counting the days before my assignment ends. I try to think of what my job entails. I am not there to make friends and my job is to take care of patients. For the most part I will not extend a contract or, continue on a permanently with a hospital if they have employees that do this. The places that I do want to stay at usually aren't hiring, lol!

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