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Im now in east Tn. It's very very beautiful here. rolling hills, mountains, lots of green but it gets a little to cold here for me. Here it is the end of may and I am wearing a light jacket. I need a little more heat, but not desert like or crazy humidity (Not Alabama or Mississippi either)

Today the weather is in the low 80's, cloudy and humid. I am in the Ft. Worth area. This is a really nice day here to me. Have lived in Tx. all my life. Rarely do we see over an inch or two of snow, even that is rare. Not very many days below freezing. Spring and Fall is wonderful here! There is alot of green and trees, lots of lakes. I guess it depends on where you live. Summer is a nightmare here. I hate August! It is very hot. But that is what good AC and swimming pools are for!:) Where are you from anyway? Oh by the way,

Texas gets over 100 pretty regularly in the summer.



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If you're asking about specific locations, I live in College Station and love it. Bryan/College Station has about 110,000 people. It's on the cusp of E. Texas and plenty green. The College Station schools are awesome for kiddos.

2 major hospitals, 1 dr's day surgery center, and huge Scott and White Health plan clinic. (so tons of opportunity).

We're 1.5 hrs north of Houston, 1.5 hours E. of austin and 3 hrs SE of Dallas, and 3 hrs for San Antonio -- so lots of things to do within a day's drive!

And the city spends like 92% of its budget on parks (or so it seems - they just subsidized the opening of an ice skating rink).

It is humid (ok very humid...ok, IT'S A WET HEAT) but it's in a valley and severe weather tends to pass N. and S. of us. 90's-100 degree during july/august, 40-50 during dec/jan but very moderate most of the time.

Basically, this is a 24hr store community w/ a small town feel.

(IF you hire on at one of the hospitals, let me know so I can get the referral bonus -- wink)


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I loved College Station, I was there for four... wait... five years while I was in school at Texas A&M. Would move back in a heart beat, my favorite place in TX.

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You couldnt find a contractor to put in a basement for you. This spells trouble for me, that was number 1 on my agenda upon me and my husbands graduation---- New house , deep basement. My grandmother had one , but it was in a old house.. I loved it..

From one midwesterner to another (and I apologize to all the Texans in the crowd, I don't mean to offend anyone, am just posting my experiences) I found living in Tx very difficult. The heat was extreme and I could not get a house built w/ a basement for love or money! (Gosh, even willing to pay for it we could not find a home contractor willing to put one in. And I wanted one just in case of a tornado.) I missed the change of seasons. The public school systems leave a lot to be desired - something to consider if you have children. Most of our friends had their kids in private schools.

There are some beautiful parts of Texas and some very friendly people, but I always felt like an outsider, even in the DFW area.

If you are single and can relo, give it a try - you can always come home. You may find you like it. There are some impressive medical facilities there.

If you go, you will find you have the advantage of knowing how to drive if it snows, but stay off of the roads when there is ice; no one else does, nor do they slow down: crash, boom, bang.



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I was born in Dallas and have lived in the North Texas area all my life. I love it here and will probably never move away. I would look into the northern suburbs of Dallas--McKinney is pretty, with lots and lots of trees. Lewisville, The Colony and Little Elm all border on the lake if you like that scene. The biggest plus is there are plenty of hospitals in this area (I live within 25 miles of at least 12 different hospitals--and there are many, many more!)

Good Luck with your choice.

BTW--Yes, we have a lot thunderstorms and tornado warnings (esp in spring and summer), but in 31 years, I have only been involved in one tornado/straight-line-winds storm and I wasn't even in Texas at the time!

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I was born in the north panhandle and we had cold winters, hot summers. pretty normal. I am going to school in Canyon/Amarillo and its pretty much the same. Its wonderful here and weve got a nursing shortage. The paper is FULL of job ads for RN, LVN, LPN, CNA, Everything!

When I finish nursing school, I know that I'm going to relocate, just not sure where. I have heard alot of good things about texas, everyone that is from there has nothing but good things to say. What concerns me is the weather. Is the entire state like what you see on TV, Hot and desert like? Is there anywhere in the state that you would see GREEN (trees, grass, plants) Is it hot all the time (100 degrees) or do you have season changes. Sorry for my ignorance I just wanted to know if there is a part of the state that has grass and is a milder climate, I love the heat, but not extreme heat all of the time. thanks

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And yes the Summers can be hot, humid and Thunderstormy, but that generally comes during the day and tempretures drop to a comfortable degree at night. Right now though I am inside my Air Conditioned house, a must if you live in any part of Texas.

Winters on the other hand are down right Bi-Polar. Sometimes there will be ice, Sleet and Snow and people around here just do not know how to drive in that. While other times there's just a North wind blowing, perfect sweater weather.

Fall around here is okay. The leaves on the Oak Trees turn color and fall off. Leaving you a mess to clean up. The north winds blow as well and there's vary little or no rain.

Spring and Fall are big pollen seasons around here mostly because of the Ragweed. It generally hits me in the Fall and I thank the maker for generic Claritin.

Steer clear of West Texas if you want green trees and green grass and to see the seasons change. You should stick to North Central Texas, Central Texas and, if you can stand the humidity, South Texas.

Texans of the Board let's have a party.


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I moved to Texas almost 3 years ago to the Dallas/Fort Worth area. There is plenty of greenery here, but more than anything it is urban sprawl in this area. It is a gigantic urban/suburban area and sooo many people and so much stuff. I was kind of overwhelmed at first. The nice thing about it is, in a very short drive you can be out in the country which is pretty green with trees and not desert like.

Texas is a huge state so there are many different climates and what not, so it really just depends where you go. I personally like the weather here. Winters are mild and Summers are hot and the sun shines almost all the time. The thing I do miss though is the beach and ocean (I came from Washington state and California).

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in my opinion, the best place to live (in texas) is austin. when you fly in you can see what beautiful, green, hill country central texas has. yes the summers can be super hot! some might call it oppressive! however, it's definitely not humid and polluted like houston, or large and concrete like dallas. it's a wonderful city with great culture, magnet status hopitals, and like the rest of the state...no state income tax!!!

good luck in your search...



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i loved college station, i was there for four... wait... five years while i was in school at texas a&m. would move back in a heart beat, my favorite place in tx.

college station is my favorite place in tx too, i was there for five years also and graduated from texas a&m. i miss it greatly and somedays wished i had never moved. i volunteered at both hospitals there and loved them. the atmosphere of the town is great and everyone is super friendly. there is always something going on at the university and the weather there is a lot milder than it is in the houston area. its a great place to live and i would recommend it to anyone! :)


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I live in Austin, Texas... It's a love/hate relationship... He doesn't tell me when it rains.... but damn it, it's always HOT in summer and semi-cool in winter and for the most part we just go with it... they say, weather changes like the wind, but that doesn't include Texas


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I am relocating to Dallas and I had the same idea of what Texas looks like.( Dry, dirt,no trees,.....like the cowboy movies) Thanks for clearing all that up. However, how far is Dallas from Ft Worth? Everyone tends to say "Dallasft.Worth" in one breath, but they are kinda far a part?

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