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ZASHAGALKA has 15 years experience as a RN and specializes in Critical Care.

44 male, wonderfully married, 3 boys and a girl

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    Fired from first job

    It's not your job on a resume or in an interview to represent yourself badly. You can tell the story from your point of view without it being a lie. For example, I have no clue why you would be terminated based on what you said. There's more to that ...
  2. A free market will rise to meet demand. There are billions of cell phones on the market and in use - right now. Nobody had to ration them, and the competition to put them in YOUR hands have made them cheap: cheaper than that black rotary-dial phone w...
  3. 1. I think you will see 'pay as you go' (no insurance) clinics in Walmarts, etc., be a standard of care within 10 yrs. It's already starting. Just as $4 generic prescriptions didn't need a huge gov't bureaucracy to become a standard with lots of big-...
  4. I've worked for a VA Admin Hospital. I know you work there, now. Nevertheless. Ask a wide range of vets (not just your patients) what they think about the VA. You won't get an overwhelmingly enthusiastic answer. . . Thankfully, most of them have a CH...
  5. The system is much more equitable NOW when 86% of people have access to some form of insured care (with slightly more when you factor in that some have access to free or reduced cost clinics) and 100% of people have access to emergency care - than it...
  6. Gov't rationed care is a horrible idea. These guys tanked the economy, social security is on the brink of failure and is only dwarfed by the coming financial wipeout of Medicare. And, we want to trust these people with MORE control over our lives? I ...

    Becoming an RN just for the paycheck

    I'm in it for the money. All true professionals are. That says NOTHING about my ability to care, or not to care. As should be. That isn't a consideration at the bargaining table - at least not one that would ever work to your advantage. So long as y...

    The ANA really doesn't like non-BSN Nurses

    And this probably ISN'T the thread for that old debate. Having said that, the ANA is the REASON why we haven't already set that standard at BSN. That standard will ultimately require that all stake-holders be at the table and be included. The ANA? Th...

    I Contracted HIV

    Not directed at the OP, but the risk of sero-conversion to HIV after needle stick injury from an HIV positive patient is extremely low: 0.3%. A good article on point from the NE Jrnl of Med: "The ...

    Ten Reasons Why American Health Care Is so Bad

    American health care is the best in the world. America doesn't have a health care provision problem. We have a health care FINANCING problem. There IS a difference. And. It's a big one. ~faith, Timothy.

    Is it true that a BSN will be mandatory soon?

    Won't happen anytime soon. The ANA divided nursing on this issue from the very start. Until they repair the breach (their "technical" insult), no sale. This debate is 43 yrs old. The ANA first mentioned this in 1965. In another decade, it'll simply b...
  12. This idea started in 1965. 43 yrs later, and we are no closer to minimum entry. Nobody misunderstands what a 'grandfather' clause is - but many doubt its effectiveness. Suppose BSN became the standard, with a grandfather. With every passing year, the...
  13. So. The key to nursing salaries improving is for nursing to take a higher view of what we are worth. And. That is happening. Every day, nurses "burn out" and leave the profession because they aren't getting paid enough to do the job they are doing, u...
  14. The premise is wrong. You are worth 5 dollars an hour, as a Registered Nurse, if you accept that much in pay. No more. No less. Let me expand. Awhile back, there was an ongoing group of threads about paramedics coming into the ED and claims that they...

    How are you going to Vote - US

    I was gonna say that I'm surprised how close the current results are at 55-45. Then I saw how few had voted so far. I'm sure higher turnout will move those numbers. . . ~Lifted UP, Timothy.