just finished my exam, got the good pop!!!

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hello, i finished my nclex-rn today at about 3pm. I started at about 12:45. I got a lot of priorities, delegations (most of them). and then a lot of medications which I never heard about. one calculation and about 4-5 sata which i think were the easiest part. all the other questions, what I was doing was guessing, guessing and guessing, oh my god it was really brutal. I spent almost 2 hours on the first 60 questions. when I was approaching 74th, i was praying please god help me, when the 76th question poped out, i was so upset. and then couldn't concentrate. i was thinking i failed definitely. i even had no mood to continue on. i just wanted to finish it and got out the room. Then i finished the following questions much faster then before. and the number was going up, i became more and more upset, it came to 100th question, i was almost crying out, and then the computer finally stopped at almost 110, i didn't notice exactly which number, anyway i just remembered the test stopped not too long after 100. After i got out the test center, i was very very upset. i took my test in canada, i need to drive almost 250 miles to another city to take the test. and it cost me 350 dollars to take the test. i passed my canadian rn exam in june, and in the middle of july i started to prepare the nclex, i found there was so much difference between CRNE and NCLEX, i felt like i knew nothing even i passed the crne, i rescheduled twice until my ATT was going to expire. I didn't have too many resources here in Canada, the books you guys talked about such as Kaplan, Sanders i didn't have at all. I just went to the library and borrowed one book related to NCLEX and I downloaded the 3500 questions. I did about 2000 questions in total. Anyway, after I got home, I tried the PVT, I got a good pop. I just hope it worked on me, please god help me and I will keep my finger crossed and I would wait two more days to check the quick result. Anyway, this is my story. I hope you guys good luck and hold on, you will get there.


Good luck!!!

wish you all the best for a successful outcome! :)

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A rep from NCLEX told us that people are averaging 110 questions right now to pass. You'll be fine!

you passedddddddddddd. congtrates.

Good luck with your official results.

Good Luck!!!


Wish you the best of luck:yeah:!! I just finished my test at 4:00p and when i got home the credit card part popped! I can't stand this...this was my third try!!!:bluecry1::bluecry1::bluecry1:

thank you everybody. i just checked the BON, it showed I passed. I was not expecting the result would come out so fast. I even didn't need to pay 7.95 dollars for the quick check. this website helped me a lot. and all the people helped me, i really appreciated it. I wish those who are still fighting good luck!!! god help you!!!!

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