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  1. Hi!!! I am an Australian nurse working over here in the USA. I got my license 2 months ago (here) and applied for 2 jobs and got offered both! I work 40 hours a week.......they pay isnt as great as home but its decent by American standards. It has been an adjustment......different drug names.....different ways of saying things, spelling etc. What i find really weird is that i have to be very clear in things i say and make sure that the person i am saying it to understands me, there is a very clear communication gap. But the staff and i are adjusting and people are now saying things that i do........like saying "no worries" to me!!! Its been a fun challenge! If there is anything else you want to know just pm me!!! Good luck
  2. TabithaB

    Pumping at Work???

    I did it for 2 babies..........i had alot of support within the hospital setting! Totally do able! I pumped on breaks or if it was quiet, everyone thought it was great and they would even ask me if my boobies were ok (when we were too busy for breaks!) Your little one will adjust to comp feeding with a bottle and i cant even describe how lovely it was to walk in the door after work and have a cuddle and a feed with my little ones...........made it even more special!!!! Congrats on the new job and enjoy the time with your baby.....they grow up way too fast!!!
  3. TabithaB

    debating about new position... any advice?

    Four years later you are still looking at L&D stuff........ i would say thats were your heart is!!
  4. TabithaB

    Davis Q & A New Format for 2010

    I just did 75 Q's out of the back of Davis's 2010 book and got 70% (practice test in chapter 12) I did them there and then in Barnes and Noble! What do you all think? Did anyone think the practice exams in the back of the book were hard? I have booked exam for September 10th..........no funds for expensive review and i am overseas trained as well........ starting to freak out somewhat! All input appreciated!!!
  5. TabithaB

    wanting to work in america

    Tannera I did an external obstetrics course through New Zealand (Otago polytech) cost around $800. Its a workbook and they require an 80 hour practical which you have to organize yourself. They credited me the practical though as i had enough hours from uni (just not enough theory). The workbook was simple..............a little time consuming................but better than doing a year at uni!!! I did it in 3 months, took it to work on night duty and just did a little each time!
  6. TabithaB

    wanting to work in america

    If any Aussies read this (in America) where can i get bloody vegemite :-)
  7. TabithaB

    wanting to work in america

    Hey Tannera I am a kiwi that was raised in Australia...........living over here in the States. I am married to an American so came through on a marriage visa, but let me tell you that was even a long process and lots of red tape to get through!!! I just received my ATT from the Florida BON and i found them to be really good and very helpful. I think all up the process for me has taken around a year, but in saying that there has been mistakes made by other parties that has slowed the process down. I would suggest that the first thing you do ............is get any make up courses done (Our degrees are a little different than the US one and more often than not you will be required to take on extra courses i.e i had to do maternity) then you can get your degree evaluated. If i can answer any other questions feel free to contact me! Good luck!!! It is possible to do i just think it will take you a while (ps: if i had a choice of coming here without my degree and just working doing nanny work, daycare etc i WOULD NOT DO IT. The money is terrible!!!!!!!!!
  8. TabithaB

    To all the Wonderful CNA's and PCT's

    Well said!
  9. TabithaB

    Cosmetic Nursing Job for New Grad - Advice Please

    Hey congrats!!!! P.s: when you are all trained up can you botox my frown lines pretty please?????
  10. TabithaB

    Any Australian trained RNs working in the US?

    I just got my go ahead from the BON to sit.....so i am going to apply for ATT next week. I just dont know when to book the actual exam.........i feel like there is so much i dont know! Were you at Royal Childrens in Sydney? I worked at Royal Childrens in Brisbane for the last 2 years! Well whenever you decide to sit........good luck!!!!! I hope us Aussies all do well!!!
  11. TabithaB

    Any Australian trained RNs working in the US?

    Hey Crystelle!!!! FL huh? I go to florida to see my father in law!!! Nice and hot like the Gold Coast (where i am from) Where do you hail from??? I posted already on here what i am doing........i started with questions straight away and am reviewing content at the same time. I just figured that if i got comfortable with the question style that it would be easier to narrow it down. I finished uni 10 years ago and have been in paeds ever since, so i am lacking in alot of content for general and other specialties!!! I am freaking out about this exam........one person says easy then the next says worst exam ever! LOL! who to believe! I have done heaps of different exams from all sorts of sources and i am sitting around 75% I am hoping this means that i am up there with a chance! What kind of scores are you getting?? Keep in touch........... not enough Aussies over here :-)
  12. TabithaB

    Any Australian trained RNs working in the US?

    No prob's cloudwatcher!!! Let me know what you think of the questions.............. and how you do...........it will total all of your scores for a percentage mark. I am sitting on 75% right now!!!! I hope that this is good enough!!!!
  13. TabithaB

    Any Australian trained RNs working in the US?

    posted twice again!!!! see below!!!
  14. TabithaB

    Any Australian trained RNs working in the US?

    Nope i didnt pay a thing........just register and create new exams......it will let you create one at a time! I have done 3 000 Q's so far for free.....and many others on this site have as well.
  15. TabithaB

    help so confused Kapan and Lacharity

    Someone included on the random fact file that Rn's should not delegate anything they can EAT E= evaluate A = Assess T = teach I found that this helped whilst doing practice exams!!!!
  16. TabithaB

    Any Australian trained RNs working in the US?

    Are you coming over on a fiancee visa???? I am married to an American and i have children that are American citizens but even then the visa hoops i had to jump through were crazy!!!! I had many trips to the embassy in Sydney.........expensive............but on a bright note the last time i went i sat next to Andrew G (idol) who was getting a visa too :redpinkhe I hope it is as stress free as possible for you!!!!