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  1. TabithaB

    Needing some stuff....hopefully you can help me!

    There are excellent lists of common drugs and their uses on the student section on this website. Look for the sticky on random fact throwing. It's for people studying for the nclex........they really are good!!!!
  2. Hi I am an Australian nurse working in MA. It is possible to do these courses..........i didnt need to do peds as i had enough hours, but i did have to do obstetrics. I did this externally through Otago poly tec in New Zealand. It cost around 1000 dollars and it was basically a work book and i had to sort out a 2 week placement. I ended up not having to do the placement because i was able to show that i had done maternity placements through uni. Message me if i can be of any help to you with the whole process, it is very confusing!
  3. Hi!!! I am an Australian nurse working over here in the USA. I got my license 2 months ago (here) and applied for 2 jobs and got offered both! I work 40 hours a week.......they pay isnt as great as home but its decent by American standards. It has been an adjustment......different drug names.....different ways of saying things, spelling etc. What i find really weird is that i have to be very clear in things i say and make sure that the person i am saying it to understands me, there is a very clear communication gap. But the staff and i are adjusting and people are now saying things that i do........like saying "no worries" to me!!! Its been a fun challenge! If there is anything else you want to know just pm me!!! Good luck
  4. TabithaB

    UK nurse need help with books

    Shellbell i am originally a peds nurse and i got a sweet job working with kids again! It has been hard learning all the new drug names, health care system, Hippa etc.....but i am loving it!!!! Great to finally be nursing again (it took me ages to get my license due to issue's with uni transcripts) Did you check out the Exam master site???? It really worked well for me!!!
  5. TabithaB

    UK nurse need help with books

    Hi Cheryl I am an Australian nurse that sat the Nclex a few months ago and passed first try. What i did was the Linda LaCharity book on delegation and did free questions on university of Texas (Exam Master) website. Content is good to review but you really really have to know how to answer this style of question..........so maybe a kaplan strategies book will help. Its all ivory tower nursing so you have to answer in the way that they expect.....not always in how you would do it in real life! Confusing huh??? Good luck!!!
  6. TabithaB

    What do I do?

    LOL B is for Better............. and Brighter and Best!!!!!
  7. TabithaB

    Devastated - What would you do?

    Telephone triage? Research? I am sorry to hear about your forced job change.......but on the bright side it may open you up to a whole new and exciting side of nursing!! I have changed specialties a couple of times and in the long run it has been great! Good luck!!!!
  8. TabithaB

    looking for free nclex question websites

    Search Exam Master on here.........there is a link for the university of Texas. Nearly 4000 free questions!!!!
  9. TabithaB

    Took my NCLEX 10/18/10.........

    Congrats nurse!!!!!
  10. TabithaB

    French nurse is taking Nclex in 5 days...

    I am from Australia and have recently passed the exam........you will do fine......you have prepared!!!! Good luck to you!!!!!
  11. TabithaB

    Nurse from Europe (Netherlands) needs advice

    First attempt!!! I am sure that once you do the LaCHarity book you will be on the right path!!
  12. TabithaB

    Nurse from Europe (Netherlands) needs advice

    I had to brush up on content too........i did questions, questions, questions!!!! I found that by reading the rationales to both the questions that i got right and wrong i learnt content at the same time as getting comfortable with answering NCLEX style questions. I found the random fact file on here to be very important to study too. I also used a free site called studystacks.com to learn drug suffixes........it allows you to study in "game" mode.....like hangman and word connect. Search on here for the infection control mnemonics.............it really helped me to remember all the precautions. Also i would highly recommend getting the book by Linda LaCharity on delegation..........it is the most helpful book and will help you get ready for the NCLEX!! Good luck!!!
  13. TabithaB

    Nurse from Europe (Netherlands) needs advice

    I am an Australian nurse that has just passed the NCLEX after being out of school for quite a few years too!!! Go to Welcome to Exam Master - Exam Master Corporation There are 3800 higher order questions, do them all and you will get in tune with how to answer the questions!!!
  14. TabithaB

    NCLEX results

    Just go to the Mass board of nursing site and plug in your details!
  15. TabithaB

    Students in Delivery Room

    Personally when i have been in labor (all 3 times!) I couldn't have cared less who saw my Vagina!!! The queen and Obama could have been there i would not have even registered!!! But i think it might be weird for you as well as the students!