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H0P3's Latest Activity

  1. H0P3

    Forensic Nursing (FN): Programs

    Interesting! :)
  2. H0P3

    Pearson Vue Trick - Poll once you receive your results

    Yes! PVT works! Friday i took the test and the next week wednesday I saw my name at the BRN website!!!
  3. H0P3

    pearson vue trick...reliable??

    Yes it works.. I also got good pop up and 3 days later I saw my name at the website!!! :):):) Congrats in advance!!!
  4. H0P3

    March 2011 Test Takers Support Group

    for sicke cell crisis the priority is hydration - heat application - o2 - and then pain medication :) i use hhop :) hope it helps :)
  5. H0P3

    Pinoy nclex takers

    Does the pvt really works??? I just took the exam today.. this is my second time and i got a good pop up.. im still nervous hope it works for me too... I did it twice already..
  6. H0P3

    Pearson Vue Trick - Does it Work Every Time? Part 2

    I just took my exam today... and waited for four hours bec. im scared that i might get the CC page again my first exam was last Dec. and 265 item.. now my second attempt is the same number of question which is 265. After four hours i decided to do the pearson vue trick and i got a good pop up :) before it went to cc page straight.. Hope it works for me too! :) I Need to wait until my name appears on BON. :redbeathe:redbeathe:redbeathe
  7. H0P3

    PRAISE GOD! I pass the Nclex-RN on the 5th try!!!

    Congrats!!! I'm happy for you!!!
  8. Congrats!!!
  9. H0P3

    NCLEX in 10 hrs.

    Wow!! CONGRATS!!!! I'm happy for you :):yeah:
  10. H0P3

    How long before the test I need to register?

    When I register at pearson vue online just like 5 mins. they already send me my ATT to my e-mail and I scheduled my exam :)
  11. H0P3

    I. Just took my nclex-rn today

    Did you try the Pearson Vue trick ?
  12. H0P3

    December test taker...

    If you think you're not ready yet you can reschedule it... you're the only one who can tell if you're ready or not.. Good Luck :)
  13. H0P3

    December test taker...

    Hi guys.. I'm taking my NCLEX RN exam on Dec. 1 I just need to share my thoughts and feelings here im already terrified.. petrified everything.. I don't want to mention it to my family yet but they will know it on that day.. Good luck to all of us who are going to take the test..
  14. H0P3

    Took my NCLEX 10/18/10.........

    Wow!!! CONGRATS!!! GJ!!!:yeah:
  15. H0P3

    Nclex was hard got 75 questions

    that's good news :) some how it relieves your stress Good with your official result!!!!
  16. Wow!!! that's kinda good news :) Good Luck on official result