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tweety001 has 2 years experience and specializes in critical care.

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  1. tweety001

    PH Nurses for USA (Experiences with Employers)

    We're the same! My PD is 2009. Already submitted my DS260 online and submitted all the documents to NVC last March 2015 and just waiting for the appointment. Then, May VB came and retrogression is back! Grrrr...
  2. tweety001

    Almost there... retrogression!

    Hi JeLouD! Were you affected by the present retrogression? Me too! I have completed my DS260 online last March 23.
  3. tweety001

    SRO nurses who still waiting for flight sked.

    we're all under HOP...
  4. tweety001

    SRO nurses who still waiting for flight sked.

    i had my final evaluation last april 19. im assigned in PSCC madinah. how about u?
  5. tweety001

    SRO nurses who still waiting for flight sked.

    im from the march 2011 batch also? do u have updates already?
  6. tweety001

    POEA/SRO Nurses for KSA

    visit their website. they have already posted the list for the interview/exam.
  7. tweety001

    POEA/SRO Nurses for KSA

    you have to pass your requirements @ poea. SRO won't accommodate walk-in applicants. as for april delegation, I just heard from other applicants.
  8. tweety001

    POEA/SRO Nurses for KSA

    @indai: you don't have to wait for their txt. if u have signed the offer of appointment last week, you are expected to come back to SRO this week. that's what they've said when i had my interview last week (march 17 - last day). as for me, i went back to SRO last monday to get the medical referral & was instructed to go to POEA for further instructions on medical exam. however, there is a problem on communication between SRO & POEA. all of us will be stuck on this step for a while. we'll be waiting for the text from SRO if we can already proceed to POEA.
  9. tweety001

    POEA/SRO Nurses for KSA

    just wait for their txt... i heard there will be another delegation this april which is for general nurses. the march delegates (under HOP) hired nurses from special areas (that's what i thought).
  10. tweety001

    Asian Hospital and Medical Center

    when did u submit ur requirements? as in my case, i've submitted all my requiremnts last nov 2010 but until now, haven't heard from them.
  11. tweety001

    Wanted nurses! Nurses for hire! Hiring nurses

    where can i inquire for their training? how much? b braun? is that the same with aesculap academy?
  12. tweety001

    chong hua hospital

    when did u submit ur application??? is it true they are still pending applicants last year?
  13. tweety001

    to all vermont licensed nurses

    First of all, I don't know where to put this thread. Anyway, I would like to ask you guys if you have received the license in an ID form (meaning hardbound w/ picture). Just today, I have received my pass letter & license from Vermont. The license looks like a certificate. Do you all have this one, guys? I really did expect an ID with picture in it. LOL Just want to verify...
  14. tweety001

    Using Fake Certifications

    the answer is NO!
  15. tweety001

    Has anyone taken on line course "NSCBN"?

    I did use NCSBN online review (3 weeks only since I fell short in my studying schedule). It helped me a lot especially the question bank and also agree with others that the course content was a bit short though. Nevertheless, the course helped me pass the exam in 1 take & at 75 questions!
  16. 1. what are the materials that you used? saunders 3rd edition, ncsbn online review 3 weeks, kaplan's the basics & course book, kaplan's q-trainers, old notes from my cgfns review 2. how many hours per day did you study? how many questions did u answer per day? i usually studied about 8 hours a day (not continuous). for the questions, i didn't force myself to answer lots of questions. as far as i could remember, i just see to it i answered at least 75 questions/day. then, reviewed the rationale. 3. how many days or months in total you studied before taking the exam? 2.5 months 4. what are the specific strategies that you used or the the test taking skills you applied during the exam? assessment vs implementation maslow's (physiologic vs psychologic) abc's elimination & some educated guesses (lol!) 5. take one or take two? take one...stopped after 75th question!

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