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  1. Do you put RN after your name outside of work?

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I was wondering how many of you actually put RN after your name outside of work?

My fiance said "you earned it, you should put it all the time after your name"

But I didn't know if that was normal or not.

I'm sorry this is such an off the wall question, just wondering.

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VivaLasViejas, ASN, RN

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No, I don't use it much outside of work, although when I was a new grad, I messed up on my kids' school papers a few times by signing my first initial and last name followed by "RN".......and one time when my older son's asthma was flaring up and the school demanded a doctor's excuse for him to miss PE for 3 days (which is stupid because a) NO ONE can afford to go to the doctor every time they're the least bit sick, and b) any parent should be able to excuse their child for as long as they need to be). I signed that excuse with my full name AND title, thereby in effect letting the school know that I am first and foremost an authority on my own child, and secondly that I have the credentials to assess his health needs. They never gave me a bad time about it after that, and I haven't had to repeat the performance.

The other place where I use those credentials is when I'm writing a letter to the editor or a commentary on some public health issue for a newspaper or magazine, but the reasons for that are pretty obvious. Otherwise, when I'm not on the job or speaking as some sort of authority, I like to keep my profession to myself...I really hate being put on the spot and having to answer health questions at a party or other gathering when I'd rather just make small talk and have fun!

Hellllllo Nurse, BSN, RN

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I put RN after my name when writing to elected officials about my concerns for our country. I also do it when trying to get action as comsumer.

My husband has a PhD in engineering. He gets a lot more consideration from people when he uses his "Dr." title.


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I have done it just purely out of habit. Lets face it when you sign your name a hundred + times a night, it's hard to remember not to do the same when you go to the grocery store. Had a lady look at me funny and ask what that ment...all I could say was Opps!!!

passing thru

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Same as xtra crispee said.

passing thru

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AND, I don't stop at the store in my uniform, either before or after work.

I think that looks so tacky.....might as well go shopping with your hair in brush curlers,

..........or those pink sponge things.

I think wearing a uniform shopping went out with the 80's.

EEEE YUK !! A nurse in the grocery AFTER work !!


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Eww.. Dont go after work.. atleast go before. I agree that you earned it, you should sign it as much as you want.

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traumaRUs, MSN, APRN

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Well, I don't sign RN after my name outside of work, but yes, I do occasionally stop at the grocery store after work. Get a grip - that's not so bad is it? I live in a rural area 20 miles from town - it would be silly to go home and then drive back.

live4today, RN

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I voted NO unless by using it after my name pertains to the moment or letter I may be writing....then I use it. Sometimes, I use it without thinking because like acuteobrn said, it's habit, so it's hard to not write it. I've sometimes made address labels with RN after my name. I don't apologize for signing my name that way since I earned the right to do so. Heck, doctors do it.....why can't we. :)


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I've signed RN after my name outside work by mistake several times. Most often when I've just worked a long shift. It's usually on a creditcard slip.

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My biggest mistake has been repeatedly signing my checks SPN.

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Only by mistake.

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