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  1. passing thru


    Jebain, can you clean out your email files? I'm trying to send you a private message and it is blocked because your files are full. Thanks,
  2. Did any of you read, hear about, see on t.v., the report last week that ranked Texas 3rd lowest in the country ? I could hardly believe it. I think they said Mississippi and Arkansas, or was it Mississippi and Oklahoma tied for 1st and 2nd lowest positions, and Texas was third.................. Mon Dieu !
  3. passing thru

    TPAPN:a Four Letter Word?

    Sorry to take so long to get back on this thread. I have been very very busy trying to keep cool in this coastal heat and humidity. Well, guess this thread just goes to show there aren't any McAllen nurses on this board. Don't any of you know a McAllen nurse to ask ? Well, I guess Texas is big ! The RED APPLE DAY Sale is held one Saturday each month at Macy's Department store. Don't any of you all have a Macy's in your town ? The RED APPLE DAY Sale is a Major Event in the city that has a Macy's..... incredible bargains the whole day....... If only those nurses who were working could GO SHOPPING !
  4. passing thru

    Any point to working in a bad hospital while in school?

    I lived in a small town once....same as yours. The locals said they ""wouldn't take their dog there !"" Now, 30 years later, it is considered one of the best in the state and receives all kinds of awards. Yes, you can learn a lot. "" Bad "" hospitals and "bad " nursing homes, etc. get that reputation from people who lower their standards of care and caring. Commit yourself to caring about your patients, by going "the extra mile" for them, by communicating with them..... listening, etc. Try to see that the docs orders are carried thru and communicate with the docs, be available to them....this doesn't make you a "" hand maiden."" You will learn and benefit.
  5. passing thru

    Boniva-Fosamax = atrial fibrillation ?

    Thank you all for your knowledgeable info and sharing. Very beneficial.
  6. passing thru

    Boniva-Fosamax = atrial fibrillation ?

    Has anyone been hearing anything about these drugs having the side effect , a rather common side effect it seems, of a- fib ?? I saw something about it on t.v. , but wasn't able to watch the full program.
  7. passing thru

    I quit my job.

    SICU Queen : Well written. I hear your pain and disappointment. It is sad. I can identify with your feelings when you write of giving 1000 % and the return is zilch. I spent 11 years in SICU and 3 years in adult burns. The only return is in knowing, at the end of each shift, I left my patients in a better condition than I found them. There is a immense personal pride and gratification in that. That is the return. Personal pride and dignity, the knowledge that I did my best. This kind of knowledge is the kind that will serve you and your patients in your new endeavor. It also keeps one off the anti-depressants. It feels good to look in the mirror and know that many many people recovered and moved on - because of my dedication and my caring interventions. The case management patients will need you just as much. It is a harsh cruel world out there when you are disabled, ill, and trying to transition out of the hospital. Good Luck.
  8. passing thru

    TPAPN:a Four Letter Word?

    Back to the original - - how did anyone with 4 DWI's get a license/ keep a license anyway ?????????????????????????????????????
  9. passing thru

    TPAPN:a Four Letter Word?

    Ho HO HA HA,,,,,, Ask any of the ICU nurses at Rio Grande Regional Hospital in McAllen about ""The RED APPLE DAY'''' sale - - - - - escapade/ event --------------------- and then decide the answer to the question.......................................................
  10. I am considering a first colonoscopy........................check-up reasons. But, I have heard some comments and even read a couple that said - - - probes are not always as sterile as they should be........., and , one person wrote they were certain they had picked up a virus during the colonoscopy. I'd like to hear from some endo nurses..............
  11. passing thru

    what are real reasons??

    Has this query really been on here 3 years without a reply?
  12. passing thru

    Anyone near the St. Georges area??

    No, no degree from Utah. Currently licensed in Texas and planning a move to St. George area or Las Vegas area. St. George is in the midst of all that natural beauty. I love hiking . The IHC hospital.....what does that stand for? I received a private message that non Mormons are discriminated against in Utah.........in the hospitals. That never occurred to me. Anyone experience discrimination?
  13. is it a hassle to join? Do you join after you are hired ?
  14. And Child Care ?
  15. I Was Just Reading The Prayer Thread Posted Today....and It Was Written About A Desperate Shortage There. Does Anyone Know If This Is True? And, If True, What Is Accounting For It ? I'd Love To Work In Vegas. How's Vegas?
  16. I've been hearing opinions of Crestor being "" better "" for cholesterol control than Lipitor. I looked up both. Still haven't seen anything to back up that opinion. Are "you all" hearing anything from the doc's ? Anyone aware of a basic difference ?