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KeniRN has 8 years experience and specializes in Pediatrics.

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  1. Allergic to tegaderm?

    We use a dressing called Sorbaview as an alternative to Tegaderm. Sometimes we have pts with central linces that are allergic/sensitive to Tegaderm so we use the Sorbaview. I can remember just tape being used for PIVs before Tegaderm.
  2. Rehab Nurse to Patient Ratios

    I work in Peds Rehab in Phila and on days and evenings our ratios are 1:4 (it can be 1:5 depending on staffing and acuity) and on nights depending on census,there are 3 nurses on and at max census of 18 our ratio is 1:6. We get everything from TBI, S...
  3. Change of shift report

    I work on a pediatric Rehab unit but have also worked on the onco unit several years ago. We use the same outline on both units. Neuro/NeuroVascular (AAO, perrla, cap refill, ambulatory status) Resp (CTA, pOx, 02) CardioVascular (VS, on monitor, afe...
  4. Is it possible to get a job at CHOP?

    Ling07, I worked at CHOP through school as, what is now called a 'patient service rep' and a 'Senior Nursing Assistant' and then just had to do a department transfer when I graduated. Working in various departments in the hospital gave me a great opp...
  5. Other than AALNC and VM, what is there?

    :up:I see that this is a post from last month but RN1989, your response was exactly what I've been looking for. I recently was on a jury for a med malpractice case and really enjoyed the experience. I had never served before and was really surprise...
  6. The very, very old and sick who are full code

    My husband and I are going through this with his grandmother. She is 90 years old and up until a few months ago was pretty healthy. Before Thanksgiving, fell and broke her hip,did well (orthopedically) postop but had some minor issues while in the ho...
  7. Urban legends in nursing

    The Sh--head name IS real at our hospital. He is about 8-9 years old now. He is a patient in our pediatric practice office. Really sweet kid. I just don't understand how someone could name their child that, regardless of how its pronounced.
  8. I can't believe this poor woman went through this for 30 years and NO one picked this up. The photos are heartbreaking. I know there are details that have been left out, like how often she went for follow up, but someone in 30 years must have seen he...
  9. I agree those "emesis basins" are not designed for the purpose of catching puke-HOWEVER, the are PERFECT for ear lavage! The kidney bean shape fits snuggly against the neck/face area under the ear and the patient's clothes don't get (too) wet. Our pe...
  10. pain & external fixator

    I work as a precert RN for a Blue Cross plan and we approve 1 overnight stay for pain control with a PCA post op and then for additional days UR follows the patient. I'm so sorry you had to go through all that you did. I'm glad you now have some reli...
  11. Question about Morning Sickness...

    How soon after conception can you begin to experience morning sickness? None of my coworkers seem to know. Thanks!
  12. diploma grads

    I am a diploma grad. Grad in 2000. I had been in a BSN program but had to leave in 1993 in the middle of my junior year due to medical problems (benign spinal tumor). I wanted to finish but could not afford ($$$) to at the time. Went back in 1997, vi...
  13. A curious question about naming babies! :)

    My grandmother's name was Emelie. and my sister is expecting a girl in October and will name her Emma Leigh. There was a thread a long while back about baby names. The two t...
  14. I got a new job!

    I just had to share. I just accepted a position with a major health insurance company in our area. 9 to 5, Monday thru Friday, 10 days vacation +2 more days for RNs, No holidays, no weekends, 100% tuition reimbursement with no limit (and the Univ tha...
  15. Question about on-line prescriptions

    :uhoh21: And how would you know if the pills were "pure" and not mixed with anything or something different all together?