It's hard to live with a nurse because...

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1) When you forget to flush the toilet, you get a complete analysis with a plan on how to correct any noted problems.

2) Thanksgiving dinner comes in pre-cut small pieces because she doesn't want to have to perform the Heimlich maneuver and be reminded of work on the only holiday she's had off in years.

3) You've been awakened from a dead sleep in the middle of the night to find her shaking you because your breathing patterns were a little too close to a Cheyne-Stokes rhythm.

LOL I have actually woken up my husband from sleep because I thought his breathing was "scary"!!!!LOLOLOL

I LOVE THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Try living with two nurses. My husband and I are both nurses. Our poor daughter gets absolutely NO sympathy. Her dad's favorite saying "It's a long way from your heart." His sister is also a FNP, so nobody in our whole family gets much sympathy, unless there is bones penatrating the skin or excessive blood. LOL!

I can do you one better

My stbXh and I aree both nurses, me in med surg with LOTS of practical experience, but was raised homeopathic/naturopathic/organic (way back in the 60s & 70s) and he is an RN but had his masters in Psych (D&A, Dual Diagnosis) first. He works as a supervisor, and consults me to keep his place runing well, and I refuse to take a supervisory job, I am more comfortable on the floor.

we have 3 kids, 1 with a emotional problem, and one who grew out of a potentially lethal birth defect, and the baby has Asthma. All of my kids are used to me asking if they need me to "cut it off" if they complain they are sick, and they NEVER come to me with a complaint BEFORE they have drank a glass of water {it cures everything but drounding}.

He was NO help with my Post Partum depression, or my worstening depression later, and i am no good with his addiction, or hepatic problems. but the kids are just fine


*** May we all have the serenity to accept what we cannot change, and the determination to change what we cannot accept. ***

LOL! Good one! My daughter (14) calls me up in the ER and says "Dad is covered with blood. He had an ATV accident". I ask her..."Is he walking and talking." She says "Yes, but he is talking funny". I say, OK, take him to the set tub in the garage and scub him down. If he has a wound squirting out blood, put pressure on it and call me back". She says "OK". And hangs up. That is the daughter of a nurse! True Story! LOLOLOL

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These are great stories! Feel free to add more stories :-)

Well, it must be a "nurse thing"!! I was cooking dinner the other day, and I heard my three year old let out a holler in the basement. As I went to the stairs, I heard my five year old say, "BEN!! You are okay!! Stop screaming!! There's NO BLOOD!! MOM!! Ben hurt himself, but there's no blood, and he didn't hit his head!! Does he still need to come see you??" Ah...the training of a child.... smile.gif

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LOL all wonderful stories!!!!!!

My husband is in fear of me starting an IV on him. When he covers my hand with his

his hand or I see his hands or forearms, I can't help it "Oh what beautiful veins!" "I could get that one without a tourniquet!!!!!


Every time my husband pulls out his can of snuff,(Tx thing), he has to hear my long version of lip, throat, and tongue cancer. I always ask him how he will eat when he is old when he doesn't have any lips to hold in the food. He hates to watch medical shows with me, "they wouldn't do that" always comes out of my mouth and "Oh, plleeaasssee! That wouldn't work."



My husband hates to watch the TV show ER with me...he says I ruin it for him. I can't help it!!! I have to tell him what they are doing wrong!!! I can't let him believe some of the stuff that they do!!! Even real shows like "Trauma, Life in the ER" on the Lifetime channel get a running commentary from me. My 5 year old daughter does CPR so well from watching all of the medical things on TV...she even wears socks on her hands for gloves!!!!

This is all sooooo funny. I too watch trauma and ER and give running comentaries. My hubby wonders why there isn't any programs on the life of a salesman he can relate to. My husband thinks I medicate the children too much for sniffles or headaches. But this is what we do. LOL.

My husband and kids get a triple whammy. Both of my folks are respiratory therapists! My family begs for meals without medical talk! At the same time, my 14 year old son wants to come work a shift with me and "swears" he can maintain confidentiality! LOL


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