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  1. building a massage practice

    Congrats on starting yoiur own business! When I started my own business 4 1/2 years ago, it was slow. The best advertising is word of mouth, but that takes a while. I continued to work as an RN part time for a few Years until I got too busy doin...
  2. web sites, associations, etc.

    :Melody: Hey everyone. Has been a while since there is any new thread, so this is one for any info anyone has on associations, web sites, classes, books, videos, etc. Anything that you want to add to share information. I found a web site that is...
  3. Nurse Massage Therapy

    hey there! i haven't checked the site for a while, sorry! i would try mostly working with a physical therpist if you can. you would get more consults thru more places rather than just the one doctor. and they would be more used to the codes ...
  4. Massage for Fibromyalgia?

    i work on a lot of people with Fibromyalgia. What you do totally depends on the person. Some people are so tender you have to more stretching and Myofascial release - lighter stuff. Some are so used to pain and have lots of trigger points that yo...
  5. lymphedema massage

    Yvonne, please see the post to you under the heading of "Massage Therapy Questions" where you have a longer post about this. As I stated in the message, I doubt if you can do this in your home...but you need to look further into the insurance/medic...
  6. Massage Therapy Question

    As a nurse I will need a Doctor to order and bill I think. But I have been told that I will be able to do this from home. I am looking into having supplies they can buy or rent such as the compression pumps dressings hoses. I will have exercise class...
  7. Anyone doing Chair Massage?

    I have 2 of the Ralph Stephens "Seated Therapeutic Massage" Videos. Volume 1 is the Back and Neck, and Volume 2 is the Shoulder (whcih actually shows more than just the shoulder, because so many muscles attach above and below) I think they are pr...
  8. Nurse Massage Therapy

    I got a lot of CEUs in Medical Massage from Ralph Stephens, CMT. He travels all over the country. Web site is I have also gotten lots of info from American Medical Massage Therapy Association http://www.ammt...
  9. Payment for services from third parties

    Niightngales 1998, Sorry it has taken a while to answer. What kind of education do you have? You must be hired by the provider (doctor, Chiropractor/hospital, etc) You are working under their license (provider number, in insurance eyes) and they...
  10. Massage Therapy v. Chiropractic

    Here are a couple more web sites people need to know. National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork American Medical Massage Therapy Association Happy surfing!!!
  11. Payment for services from third parties

    FYI, to all, and 5150dx. The codesyou refer to are most often used by Physical Therapists, but they are not all restricted to use by PTs. First of all, the codes I use for evaluation are Nursing eval codes. I can do this because I am an RN, alon...
  12. Payment for services from third parties

    Crouton, Sorry it has taken me a while to reply. I have been extremely busy at work, home, ill family, etc. OK, I got lucky and found a medical massage school that only did that, not swedish, spa stuff. They also had classes that we woul...
  13. How do you get into RN massage?

    To healingtouchRN What is your triple certification? Sounds interesting!!! nurseyperson
  14. How do you get into RN massage?

    To avoid lots of typing and repeating myself, look at my post under the subject "payment for services from third parties" I am an RN and a Nationally Certified MT doing massage thru the Dr. office/hospital/nursing home combination here in our small ...
  15. Payment for services from third parties

    OK, here is a copy of a post I put on another thread on this board I am an RN and Nationally Registered MT and work thru a clinic/Dr. office/hospital/nursing home combination, but only as a massage therapist. Altho in their system I am also an RN, bu...