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  1. What Is This Career Choice Becoming?

    Yes, do tell. What is happening now. We are all curious. Own up sister, we are all on your side and praying for you! Love, Roach

    I don't know if I could have owned up to that one. I would have said, "Uh, that nurse over there who just left the room did it." Hee Hee!!! Roach
  3. my first day as RN

    Hi, I hope that you will take everything one step at a time. Don't worry what others think or say because before you know it you will move on or they will move on. Start by trying to organize each day and be ready for a wrench to thrown in at any m...
  4. scared

    Don't worry you guys. You did fine, anyone who was ever afraid of not passing always passed in the end. If the inevitable event happens that you don't pass you can always try again.(they can't pay you any less for taking the boards twice)hee hee. ...
  5. Why Exactly Is There a Nursing Shortage?

    Well, I can't believe no one has tried to answer your question yet. Although, if you read through the rest of these posts you should get a really good idea why. The work is hard and stressful(older nurses are leaving the hospitals and going to othe...
  6. Difficult patients and families

    Nancy, like I said, you are right, long term care is alot different then hospital nursing. Sometimes it's hard to keep up w/4-5 patients much less 20. I work agency and I have seen lots of different areas. Some w/NA's and some w/o. Some w/team nu...
  7. Artificial fingernails

    How would you like to be on the other end of the suppository when the nurse coming at you has supper long cultured nails!!!!AHHHHH!!!!
  8. Would you answer this ad?

    This must be that hospital that nurses work at after they die and go to nurse heaven. Roach
  9. Difficult patients and families

    How come patients feel that it is "O.K." to pass gas loudly or burp really loudly in front of the nurse. I always wonder if maybe when you are in uniform there is a "loose all manners" sign on your back. You cannot tell me that they would all do th...
  10. To agency nurses

    Hi Grace and Palpitations, I have signed w/a second agency and am feeling alot better. I am definately going to continue w/self scheduling and I walked out on my contract.(nail biting) I was afraid I would be banished from my agency but they were r...
  11. To agency nurses

    Well, I will tell you. When I was first offered a contract I thought that was great, and it was fine. (but when my name was on the main schedule and I was being treated like a staff nurse I quickly changed my mind.) Now, on my second contract(I took...
  12. A day off

    Hi krbrn2b, I am sooo sorry that happened to you, I almost started crying when I read your post. One of the most important times in my life was the time I spent w/my mother before she died of Lung Ca. I certainly hope that this doesn't happen to a...

    Well, let's see. I worked for the same hospital for 8 years(16.57/hr). I quit in January to work for an Agency (31.00/hr). Twice the money, less stress, practically no commitment,(only short term contracts) and I'm alot happier. But I had to give...
  14. Hi Januaryice, I also work 12hr shifts, days. I have been doing so for 5 years since my first child was born. I am a lucky one who has a mom-n-law who is also a nurse and watches my kids when I work. My husband works mon-fri and watches them on the...
  15. Yes, over-over and over-worked. The pay could be a lot better. Agency is the way to go now a days if you can deal with the unknown and change floors often. (and if you don't need the benefits) It's too bad we have to give those things up if we want...