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  1. Student nurse needs positive feedback

    I am convinced that older nurses eat their young in the pursuit of excellence many of the so called caring proffessionals forget that they were once students too. Nursiing is a very rewarding career. Some people choose to have that same negative ou...
  2. er nursing burnout

    I am an ER Rn as well, and sometimes I am deeply effected by the grief I see, and other times it seems like I can deal with it better. I think as ER nurses we do have to develop a thick shell, and not fall apart after every tragedy. For the really ...
  3. It's hard to live with a nurse because...

    This is all sooooo funny. I too watch trauma and ER and give running comentaries. My hubby wonders why there isn't any programs on the life of a salesman he can relate to. My husband thinks I medicate the children too much for sniffles or headache...
  4. Feeling very sad today

    Maggie, the world needs more nurses like you. When something sad happens in ER sudden death etc. I am deeply affected. i always say to myself the day I get hardened to the death of an individual young or old is the day I personally have to leave n...
  5. emergency dept staffing with paramedics/emts

    Many communities are lucky to have paramedics that are ACLS certified. In my community, we Have EMT's, who are essentially transport personelle, and often can't initiate an IV or do a blood sugar. The skills are varied and we are trying to achieve o...