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Is this normal part of aging process?

Hello, all. Perhaps I am too close to this situation to see the obvious. A family member who is 68 has no energy at all compared to say 5 years ago. He is active and does exercise. He may take a two mile walk, but then seems to be totally exhausted and nap/rest most of the day. He is under a doctor's care for diabetes and is well controlled with insulin. Recent lab work was normal except for elevated triglycerides and slight (hb 12.6) anemia. Is this part of a normal aging process? I am concerned because I feel that there is some other problem. Anyone out there have any thoughts on this? Perhaps I am just a worrier, hmmm? Thanks

Depression? My MIL suffers from depression and I can tell when her meds need adjusting because she seems to tire easily or can't get going for the day.

depression was my first thought, B12 def was my second thought.....

B12 def was my first thought, depression was my second thought.

We need someone in here with a third thought! :D

Creamsoda specializes in ICU.

Ill go for the "third thought"..lol

What about a heart arrythmyia thats undiagnosed? A-fib can make a person feel like crap.

Or does he take meds for hypertension? Sometimes meds like beta-blockers can make people feel tired.

Please help your family member to see the importance of a thorough medical work-up with a competent and caring provider.

What is "normal" for one may not be the same for another. Even so, a marked deterioration needs to be looked into.

Depression could certainly be a factor. As could physical problems that have not yet been detected (cardiac health comes to mind). Med interactions can sometimes tip the scales. Even over the counter meds can influence energy levels, especially when there are prescribed meds involved.

Have there been any significant dietary changes? Is the person sleeping well? How is his HA1c? Is there any chance alcohol might be a factor? (This is a far more common situation among older people than you might think. No offense intended.)

We can't offer you any medical answers, just suggest some questions for you and this gentleman to ask of the docs.

One thing you don't mention is his state of mind. Is he bothered by his lack of energy? Does he seem contented with his life? Do special circumstances or events seem to revive him or drain him further?

I'd suggest letting him know about your concerns and helping him to get to a practitioner for an evaluation. The most important thing is for him to be open about his health and thoughts and feelings.

He is fortunate to have someone in his life who notices and cares about the changes you have seen.

All good thoughts...thank you all for your input. You offered some things I haven't thought of. You are a great group. I will follow up on these.

I deal with depression and I assume that is why I have zero energy, myself.

Aging itself is pretty depressing, though.

Might be his coronary arteries - maybe he should see a cardiologist. My husband, and a neighbor both had the symptom of fatigue and both were found to need coronary bypass surgery. Turned out my husband needed a triple bypass STAT. Blockages of coronary arteries can make one very tired with exertion!

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Aging itself is pretty depressing, though.

Wow, what a depressing statement.

Fortunately it's not true for all.

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