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  1. passinthru

    Mandatory 12 hour shifts

    Doesn't sound like a very nurse friendly employer to me. :monkeydance:
  2. passinthru

    Are you Happy?

    Happiness has nothing to do with circumstances, happiness is the joy found in ones spirit.
  3. passinthru

    Received this email today and I am steamed!!!

    I'm sorry, I had to giggle again at this one. It has been around for awhile. I saw some humor to it, but at the same time having been a nurse for decades, I don't see myself like the "experienced" nurse either.
  4. passinthru

    Keeping it in the family.

    :) We are another family of nurses. My mother is an RN. One sister, a bro in law, and I have been RNs for years and now a third sister is getting ready to take her state RN boards. We didn't really plan it this way, it just happens.
  5. passinthru

    A little humor. You might be from Illinois if...

    Hi, I've lived most of my life in Illinois, but have been to Chicago area only 2-3 times many years ago. Springfield is "up North". Did y'all know we can pick a Chicagoan any time? You don't talk like we do down here. Is there no one else on here South of Springfield?
  6. passinthru

    Small Town Nursing

    Many the times that I have lamented that I can not stop in the local grocery for a gallon of milk without meeting someone who wants to share with me about their grandma's latest setback or newest diagnosis. This is fine, I want to be a good listener and show compassion, but it does not facilitate quick trips as my family will tell you. There have been times when I've driven to the next town just to avoid some of these encounters. Today I recognized the flip side of being known in a small town. A woman who I know from the local pharmacy and chat with on a first name basis met me in the local food store and consoled ME on a recent loss in our family. The woman had tears in her eyes and gave me a big hug before I left. I was touched, I had not been looking for consolation but some how the encounter left me with a new respect for small town life. I was wondering if anyone else has any feelings about nursing in their small town...or what about the big city nursing.
  7. passinthru

    Can you humor me?

    Years ago I had a nursing supervisor speak to all of us then young nurses about what a privilege we had to be allowed to enter the lives of so many people from all walks of life. Being the skeptic at the time I thought "yeah, great, Uh, huh". I guess the thought stuck with me though. In what other work would you meet people like the homeless old alcoholic providing him physical, emotional, spiritual and end of life care? In other circumstances we can care for societies most elite, care for the same needs and be for a time part of their lives. She was right it is a privilege. Does anyone agree? Any comments?
  8. passinthru

    Was this true for you?

    :zzzzz Hmmm, maybe things have changed over time since I worked as a nurse's aide over 30 years ago when I was in my teens and during nursing school. I loved my jobs both in a nursing home and as a student nurse's aide on a surgical unit. As I remember it the work was hard, but I did not have the responsibility the RN does. If there was a problem I hollered "NURSE!!!" Perhaps my outlook is warped by time.
  9. passinthru

    What do you say when pts ask your opinion of docs??

    " lots of people like her/him" which is usually a true statement.
  10. passinthru

    What you think about Male Nurses?

    Male nurses? Hmmm, yeah, I guess some of my co workers are males...there are great ones.......and some that aren't so great as with the female version.
  11. passinthru

    Say What??????!!!!!!!!!!

    This makes me think of the young oriental college student I took care of in ER many years ago. She presented with a nose bleed. As I took her back to her cubicle for exam she asked me with such a concerned expression if she could be "getting her menstrual period from her nose." I reassured her most definitely that this was not the case.
  12. passinthru

    Whats with the scrubs?

    The people that work in my dentist's office making apts even wear scrubs. I'm sure they don't change clothes before they go grab lunch at Subway. I don't see a real infection control issue with this. When there is an infectious person at our facility they require extra contact precautions in an attempt to contain the MRSA or whatever. Wearing scrubs out in the community shouldn't expose the world to any greater risk of infection that any other garb. Personally I prefer to get out of my work clothes as soon as possible after I get off work, just because I feel like I'm not clean.
  13. passinthru

    Do you get tired of taking ACLS/PALS/TNCC

    Yes, I do get tired of the review. It seems like those two years go by awfully fast. Truthfully it is probably a good review, but I resent spending the long hours, usually on a weekend doing it. Does anyone do it on line? How does that work?
  14. passinthru

    If you could do it over again, would you choose nursing?

    I had to think awhile on this one. Mostly I would have to agree with other posts. After working in nursing for over 34 years....YES, I would do it over. The negatives have been the shift work, working holidays, unpleasant people (co workers, patients, and doctors), hard physical labor, and loss of sleep. The positives have been that wherever I have gone there has been a job that pays relatively well, as a mother of a young child I was able to cut back my hours and sculpt a schedule that fit my family.
  15. passinthru

    Hi There

    Welcome, welcome. I'm sure you will enjoy this board! Congratulations on your acceptance into the RN program.
  16. passinthru

    Too old????

    In my opinion...no, you are not too old. In fact you have the maturity and now the fresh nursing knowledge to make an excellent nurse. Nothing against the younger nurses, I know lots of wonderful 20something nurses, but as a nursing manager I really appreciate the older graduates. As far as a career, you probably have another 25 years to work and go anywhere you want to go. You go!