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    post hysterectomy...

    :) Okay, who can tell me...? What sort of a gyne exam does one need post hysterectomy? I would really hate to have undiagnosed ovarian ca, that would be so unpleasant. I have tried to get an answer from the surgeon post op, but got the "I'm done with you now" feeling. My hysterectomy was about a year and a half ago and I went in for an "exam" one year post op as instructed. The exam was a pap smear (vaginal ca seems like a very remote possibility but I am willing to go along with it) and a breast exam. Is it not routine to have a pelvic exam to check ovary size...? I know I probably should have specifically asked this last visit, but the whole visit was over, done, and I was down the road before it came to me. The surgery was done for fibroids and I have no reason to suspect a problem now. I just don't want any problems! :stone