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OK, I have scrapped the bucket now. I had 4 nights shifts, day off (sleep day, but counted as day off) then 2 late shifts. Today, on my day off I took my daughter to McDonalds. After eating I... Read More

  1. by   dawngloves
    Quote from prmenrs
    the thing that scares me sooo much about this whole topic is that we are dangerous when driving home after a night shift!!

    have know 2 nurses who've crashed their cars driving home. both cars totaled. one was hurt, the other one hit those trash bin things full of water, so was ok, but older car--

    be careful!!!
    this is why i quit nights. i was afraid i would run over school children on my way home. :uhoh21: too many close calls.
  2. by   chickenlegs999
    If I'm doin more shifts than usual I can guarantee that I will break my china..it's bcome a routine!!It just will not stay in my hands.
  3. by   datukuno
    brought the ward keys at home. Fortunately the hospital is 5 minutes drive from home!:wink2:
  4. by   Silverdragon102
    Quote from datukuno
    brought the ward keys at home. Fortunately the hospital is 5 minutes drive from home!:wink2:
    I remember a friend did this only no one could contact her and she didn't realise until late afternoon when she woke up and saw messages on her phone (she had turned it off) and checked her uniform, was too tired when she got home and just dumped uniform and climbed into bed
  5. by   hanna-beacon
    I brought the MDA keys home after a night shift a couple of weeks ago, and I live about 35 miles from work

    I'm not even working night shift this week but I turned up at work today and had completely forgotten my uniform! I felt like a school child who had forgotten my PE kit!
  6. by   ICU_JOSIE
    After doing several night shifts in a row, i finished handing my patients over and decided to make myself a cup of coffee ..... instead of going to the kitchen, I went to the sluice! while inside I was trying to remember what I was supposed to do and wondering what I was doing in there ......it took me awhile to finally get my senses right, honestly!
  7. by   RGN1
    Man I'm bad enough after a day shift these days - goodness alone knows what I'd be like after nights!!! Thank goodness I don't have to do them!!!!
  8. by   ayla2004
    its no wonder i've seen wards with checklists for handover that include keys being handed over.
  9. by   pfongk
    I've ended up on the motorway going to my parents house 4 hours away once.
    I've also driven home from work but the problem was I went to the wrong house, we'd moved a week previously and I got there, opened the door with my keys (I'd cleaned the house before work that day) and thought we'd been robbed.
  10. by   Fonenurse
    When a student I was on nights over Christmas and New Year with nights off in between. My mother still tells the tale of how I went to bed at 09:00 on Christmas day and woke up at 7pm on 26th December!

    A friend of mine died driving home from nights - drove into a canal and drowned. This always haunts me - especially as I now live 40 miles away from work and even more likely to do daft things after night duty.

    I also remember doing nights when the babies were small. I bought a play pen to put the kids in so that no harm came to them - so often I would fall asleep with cups of coffee in my hands - I'm quite good at getting coffee stains out of stuff now!
  11. by   KenyaNurse
    jumped every red light on the road and stopped at every green light........fallen asleep on the wheel......drove to my old apartment after i had just moved out......my new and old apartments were like 45min away from each other:angryfire:angryfire
  12. by   mother/babyRN
    I would get frustrated that my kids couldn't dress themselves and discover that I had tried to put trousers on the baby and not be able to figure out how to do it...Putting both lets into one leg etc. This is also the time my husband chooses to ask me questions or have talks with me so later when I can;t recall he says, "We discussed this," and I, of course, don;t remember,,,Once I made a pot of tea for me and my daughter (so they tell me) and I don't remember doing it,,
  13. by   zulu1
    Put the knife in the fridge and the butter in the sink. When I woke up later, I was sure someone else did that and not me.