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  1. ayla2004

    Interview Preparation for Qualified Nurses

    1year later still on my ward as a band 5. Now have an interview for band 6 on short stay surgery 10 min presentation on how to support band 7 and provide assurance. I get the maintainability and provide a clear ward leadership structure and front but that isn't 10 minutes.
  2. ayla2004

    Homeless Patients: Considerations

    Living in the UK our homeless face problems accessing benefit if homeless but at least health care is free at the point of use I know diabetes care is free, other medication have charges of £7.00 per item.
  3. ayla2004

    Interview Preparation for Qualified Nurses

    hi sharrie yet another band 5 looking at a band 6 post Ive seen a band 6 for a similar ward to my own i actually did my last student placement on it. i'm planning if possible (ward manager agreeing) to visit this week and met the ward manager and get a feel for her style. I like to know her idea and goals for the unit and interview. I've been qualified 5 year and feel i need to test myself but am very apprehensive about it Would you expect this as normal practice.
  4. ayla2004

    On death and dying: The Liverpool Care Pathway

    I must say 3 years ago my hospital started using a different version of the LCP which can continue abx. Oxygen. Artificial feeding peg/ng artificial hydration IVI. At first I was puzzled as if we think a person is dying are some of the above comfort measures. If a person is dying and body systems are shutting down . Do they need lines attached go them and flhis being pumped in can their body's absorb the fluids or will the becomes oedamtous? I felt initially other would put the medics off the decision to start tbd pathway. However I now feel that in light of oppevents to the LCP having these option included and it Bei ng reviewed every 3 day means we can reassure family that nothing will be nelgeted.
  5. ayla2004

    WOW! The public really doesn't like us, huh?

    How much i delegate depends on what is happening on a shift, pt stable, resonable pt load, ill do RN and assistant work excepts pt requiring 2 person assits. More pt and/or less stable i will delgate tasks to ensure pt needs are met, I will still fecth drinks, toilet pt etc as i can. however they are some jobs i can only do that take time so i need to free myself to achoeve these. zippy gbr i agree there are loads of moaning on my ward if personal cares fall more on hca and nurses are seen as lazy. some hca will even leave pt(washes) if they have feel they have done too much, they won't pair up to help each other. Funny RN can do anything a hca/cna can do i would love to primary nurses withouth hca/cna but i can't. I tell pt at times i'm not able to fetch somthing at that time but i will as soon as i can, they dont always understand but hey that people.
  6. ayla2004

    Health care in Ireland

    OP. which country are you loving infromation one Northern Irelande(part of the UK) or the republic of Ireland. why share an island but unless you specify it would be like northern american health as apposed to USA and Canada.
  7. ayla2004

    Electronic MAR?

    no lock out we have 2 hours to give, but at times we cant get it done, also you can forget to sign for a drug so at the end of shift we check for reds(outstanding) i wish we could reorder drugs from the mar
  8. ayla2004

    Frontline staff to lose jobs

    from my memory necks ie laminectomy ante/post are neuro but may be nursed on neuro or spinal unit why i dont know.
  9. ayla2004

    Frontline staff to lose jobs

    ] We have a seperate spinal ward but that is mainly ortho, out nearest specialist unit are shefield and southport. did a placement as a student on the ward im going to liked it but i remeber the staff saying thy were having a lull period. so we shall see.
  10. ayla2004

    Frontline staff to lose jobs

    update had my aspiration interview and been offered a job on a neurosurgical ward which im ok with. my ward closes within 4 weeks
  11. ayla2004

    amp of D50

    nurses cant push d50 in my hospital we give glucose tabs if can eat drink hypostop gel if pt perfers if not eating IM glucogon if not effective bleep medic for iv d50 i work ina teaching hosptial and IM glucagon is very effective
  12. ayla2004

    Verbal orders vs Telephone orders

    no verbal orders in my hospistal in in the Uk. we do use electronic presribing so either we ask a doctor on the ward, or bleep on call medic and wait for it to pop up. For non electronic medication like iv fluids etc we need a iv prescription chart and a medic has to come the ward and prescribe sign, orwe can bring the sheet to the doctor and then hang the fluids
  13. ayla2004

    student - teach a skill - help

    ah ive done this, how to open a wine bottle, make a smoothies, make pom pom etc. 5-10 mins etc. bit like blue peter.
  14. ayla2004

    Frontline staff to lose jobs

    Lack of SW is causin delays of 2-3 day from filed section 2 in ppl being assesed, refer any pt nearing but not deemed medically fit and SW closes the case. then we have bed mangers etc saying we need the bed as pt are waiting on ambulances due to bed crissis again. i hear of more of my cohort being affected by ward downsizing shutting
  15. ayla2004

    Carry a stethoscope without hanging it on neck

    Not allowed to wear them around our necks, Dr still do though. belt clip it just fell off or get caught on a bed like a leases. i have big pockets so i stuff it in there when not in use.