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ayla2004 has 5 years experience as a ASN, RN.

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  1. ayla2004

    Why is is difficult to find Nurses in UK??

    I work in a area deemed both heavy and busy and the whole directoate is having problems getting applicants.
  2. ayla2004

    Conversing with Dementia Patients

    Hey try dementia and non english speaking with a head injury not fun. Me talk about their familly if they have visted or rung. Admire any photo displayed. Explain wht im doing. Talk about the local area etc I get by. Dementia poses challenges but I like my demtia patients
  3. ayla2004

    Manager "threatening" us with primary nursing!!!

    I would love primary nursing but I would bet that if our rn increase another watd would be down an rn or 2 and would loose ghem every shift getting a tech in exc hange
  4. ayla2004

    Be the Nurse You Would Want As a Patient

    Ive had a few bad weeks in work and the only thing that has made me remeber that I love being a nurse is my patients. Now management and poltics I could do without.
  5. ayla2004

    Working in UK

  6. ayla2004

    Interview Preparation for Qualified Nurses

    hi sharrie yet another band 5 looking at a band 6 post Ive seen a band 6 for a similar ward to my own i actually did my last student placement on it. i'm planning if possible (ward manager agreeing) to visit this week and met the ward manager and get a feel for her style. I like to know her idea and goals for the unit and interview. I've been qualified 5 year and feel i need to test myself but am very apprehensive about it Would you expect this as normal practice.
  7. ayla2004

    Impossible standards

    the person doing the procedure obtains the consent in the UK. only operations and sedated procedures have signed consent forms with plan and reason alongside risks of procedure. Ours are deparment of health stanard.
  8. ayla2004

    What critical vital signs would institute a rapid response

    We dont have a RRT i would love it,we have parameters that triger an early warning score based on vital signs any more than 3 needs medical review. we call the in house medic or if concerned that a patient could arrest with or without a raised EWS we put out a CRASH call, our vital signs charts actually have this writen on this. Better to put out a crash on a critically ill patient detriating tha oone that has arrest i.e. dead one.
  9. ayla2004

    What Baffles You?

    hiccups is a sign of increased icp worring to a neuro nurse
  10. ayla2004

    Dimensional Analysis for Meds

    oh i was taught this for college chemistry and call it cross multiply . i still use it for med calculations i found the nursing formula harder to use.
  11. ayla2004

    Would u find this bullying

    Hi all Ive been a RN 5 years. Im curious about knowledge be it general in the last 10 years about nursing/science. i changed post 3 years ago onto a neurosurgical ward and i love all that i can always learn more. What i love as much as my own learning is being able to teach patient and others RN or nursing students etc. I spend time to acquire this knowledge but it a pleasure mainly or a puzzle. In 5 years ive also learned how to get things done in a hospital when this or that problems happens. A colleague and a friend has been making comments that i know everything but this are getting more exaggerated an now mention that our medics consult me prior to cases etc sounds fanciful and made me uncomfortable Ive challenged her to be more real in a friendly way. but this is brushed off my comments like you know im only joking etc I aware this lady has being having a hard time recently in work due to a few changes and was taking about feeling stiffed by other members of staff.
  12. ayla2004

    Ugh...Bedside Report

    we have a printed handover and We do bedside report and a have a tick chart to make sure we handover safety aspects. and to check bedside charts are hourly rounding which includes a skin bundle and in/out sheet and vital sign sheet is on paper and this is an oppurity to make sure that information does not get missed. However what we dont handover at the bedside is when pt have not yet been told a highly suspected diagnosis cause the doctors want to wait for more tests to come back, or if a pt is acting bizarre and is about to complain etc
  13. ayla2004

    What is your Achilles heel?

    not sure i dont mind suctioning work with tracheys all the time. ok with vomitt as well. if someone is decscribing body fluid it can i can find it hard but not often I dont like stale body odur from days/weeks of not washing that take several showers baths to clear.
  14. ayla2004

    NG tube removal - hold breath or exhale slowly?

    yup still place em in neuro patient for med and feeding and still have to replace them on the same patients
  15. ayla2004

    Drugs to know in the Neuro Icu

    nimodipine, kepra, soduim valopate, afentail,
  16. ayla2004

    Neuro book suggestions

    JOANNE HICKNEY neuological and neursugical nursing vey comprehensive

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