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    Failing 2nd Year

    armagh94 are you studying in the uk or Roi. you may get more approaches help in the UK nurses forum. what's the assignment on please speak to your tutors they will support where they can can but can't do your work for you.
  2. ayla2004

    Best practices: Controlled substance handling

    I'M in the UK but the Australia system seems the same. We double administer most Cd meds. Nurses here on wards don't follow procedure to both to go to the bedside as they are "too busy". But that way leads to errors that can get you into trouble. Our counties infusions are pca bags.that are pretty mixed i guess you could steal from the bag buts it's diluted 20mcg/ml fentanyal or 1mg/ml morphine.
  3. ayla2004

    A sobering story-------

    I feel sorry for the anguish this lady went through and for the child's parents. I recently was preparing a med and fortunately realises the dose I was preparing seemed high as on re checking I realised had read it wrong and could have given ten times the dose. it was 9 hours into a shift, we use epmar so the order was clear just my not seeing a decimal place. the right dose was drawn up and given.
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    Discharge Lounge

    my hospital has a discharge lounge. we send stable patients awaiting medication from pharmacy which the rn in discharge lounge can chase. any teaching wounds dressing are done on ward and teaching. Pts normally use patient transport to get home or relatives. it's also used for transfers ingredients Pts to rehab. it has chairs provides drinks n snacks and can liase with transport.
  5. I work at times as a charge it rotates pre shift I also work as staff nurse. we tend to have an only one rn and one aide on break at a time I'd one or other takes too long the next person v can't go on time so it noted they are delaying others break. we have also been told to manage events as they happen but any issues time keeping such as breaks. issues with staff approach to patient care. issues of flowing rn delegation of acceptable tasks to let management know. we have several long standing "run the ward " aides who are invaluable buy have there routines
  6. ayla2004

    Interview Preparation for Qualified Nurses

    1year later still on my ward as a band 5. Now have an interview for band 6 on short stay surgery 10 min presentation on how to support band 7 and provide assurance. I get the maintainability and provide a clear ward leadership structure and front but that isn't 10 minutes.
  7. ayla2004

    Why is is difficult to find Nurses in UK??

    I work in a area deemed both heavy and busy and the whole directoate is having problems getting applicants.
  8. ayla2004

    Do you count tramadol?

  9. ayla2004

    Benefits - I'm In Shock

    7 weeks leave to begin. 28 hoildays days +7 public holidays. Pt/ft leave on a pro rata basis. No sick days but not paid for first 3 sick days off. Leave increases to 8 weks after 8 years
  10. ayla2004

    Walkie Talkie

    My favourite term is mobile and self caring probaly on iv abx etc
  11. ayla2004

    A little ticked

    While shifts helping each other to deliver patient care is good. I find that when it becomes exppexted it is not alwYs in patient interest and yoh can be taken for granted. Keep patients safe clean comfortabke. Leave area tidy and finished expected shift duties. Speak to your shift leader.
  12. ayla2004

    Conversing with Dementia Patients

    Hey try dementia and non english speaking with a head injury not fun. Me talk about their familly if they have visted or rung. Admire any photo displayed. Explain wht im doing. Talk about the local area etc I get by. Dementia poses challenges but I like my demtia patients
  13. ayla2004

    Manager "threatening" us with primary nursing!!!

    I would love primary nursing but I would bet that if our rn increase another watd would be down an rn or 2 and would loose ghem every shift getting a tech in exc hange
  14. ayla2004

    Be the Nurse You Would Want As a Patient

    Ive had a few bad weeks in work and the only thing that has made me remeber that I love being a nurse is my patients. Now management and poltics I could do without.
  15. ayla2004

    Working in UK

  16. ayla2004

    Homeless Patients: Considerations

    Living in the UK our homeless face problems accessing benefit if homeless but at least health care is free at the point of use I know diabetes care is free, other medication have charges of £7.00 per item.
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    false raised trop_t

    sorry i work on a neurosurgical ward, the lady had had a subarachnoid hemorrhage (SAH) from a anersyum on her posteior comunicating aretery so had a craintomy and clipping and I is was wondering if surgery could effect trop=t (anything over 14 is raised) as i said she was deemed to be in atrial flutter her dbp stayed around 90ish the entire time.
  18. ayla2004

    false raised trop_t

    Im not a cardiac nurse but i had a pt with a false trop-t and i curious about what was going on. i had a lady tachycardiac 132 with faint radical pulse, rr -23-27 denies any pain reviewed and in atrial flutter, trop-t raised 39(1 day post clipping of pcom) medics said atrial flutter self limiting no treatment ordered after handover bloods results potassium was 3.2 not acute coronary syndrome not ami
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    Interview Preparation for Qualified Nurses

    hi sharrie yet another band 5 looking at a band 6 post Ive seen a band 6 for a similar ward to my own i actually did my last student placement on it. i'm planning if possible (ward manager agreeing) to visit this week and met the ward manager and get a feel for her style. I like to know her idea and goals for the unit and interview. I've been qualified 5 year and feel i need to test myself but am very apprehensive about it Would you expect this as normal practice.
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    What Baffles You?

    patients without a bone flap, who you have explained the need for a a helmet, ask if they will need it outside their home cause they dont want to be seen in it. patient has surgery on christmas eve, helmet ordered from orthotis but would not be supplied on 25-26 as bank holidays. brain then explained to be jelly and it doesn't' take much to make it fall apart if they fall. c this was followed by the doctor on ward round saying the patient could mobilise with patient didn't hear was w"with helmet" patient up and walking around ward, should be on bedrest
  21. ayla2004

    Alert but confused

    interesting article if i was documenting i would tend to use a gcs value as we do this for every pateint with a descriptor to e/v/m and verbal would get narrative accounts. i dislike avpu as its too vague. i nursed many confused due to dementia patient most have a sleep wake cycle can sing eat etc but for example dress themselves in the right order, need residental care cause they wander at night as they cant find the was home. my own mother has mild cognitive impairment is alert but sruglles with task etc and is easily disorinetated to confused as times.
  22. ayla2004

    Impossible standards

    the person doing the procedure obtains the consent in the UK. only operations and sedated procedures have signed consent forms with plan and reason alongside risks of procedure. Ours are deparment of health stanard.
  23. ayla2004

    What critical vital signs would institute a rapid response

    We dont have a RRT i would love it,we have parameters that triger an early warning score based on vital signs any more than 3 needs medical review. we call the in house medic or if concerned that a patient could arrest with or without a raised EWS we put out a CRASH call, our vital signs charts actually have this writen on this. Better to put out a crash on a critically ill patient detriating tha oone that has arrest i.e. dead one.
  24. ayla2004

    What Baffles You?

    hiccups is a sign of increased icp worring to a neuro nurse
  25. ayla2004

    Dimensional Analysis for Meds

    oh i was taught this for college chemistry and call it cross multiply . i still use it for med calculations i found the nursing formula harder to use.

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