I'm getting a BSN and a minor in Biology, will this be an advantage at all?

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By the time I graduate with a BSN, because of the classes I have to take, I'll also have a minor in biology. I know that finding a job will definitely be a challenge. But I'm wondering if the added education will give me a good advantage if at all.

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Honestly, probably not, but more education can't hurt you either.

I don't know, but maybe if you' re planning to study later for a Masters, then the biology will help in terms of being accepted on a course. As an RN, your biology knowledge - providing it's in human biology as opposed to plants etc. - will certainly afford you a grasp of physiology and anatomy that will inform your nursing practice in a positive way.

Ugh...It figures that it won't give me an advantage. But bio is definitely helping me out a lot. At least if I can't manage to find a job as a RN I could maybe try and be a teacher. Not my favorite option but it's better than no other option.

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Not really.

Now a PhD. That's a different story.

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I have a bachelors in Biology in addition to my bachelors in Nursing. It is of absolutely no help to getting a job. It is of amazing help in understanding pathophysiology, biochemistry, and pharmacology that you will find in the field.

Managers wont care though :)

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An a nurse? Nope. However it would be helpful if you eventualy apply to CRNA school.

Honestly, probably not, but more education can't hurt you either.


As Biology is a real science, the knowledge itself is worthwhile.

Now, watch me get in trouble here....

Nursing, is more art than science. Achieving journeyman status, requires significant experience and exposure, and can not be learned in a book.

Now before anyone is tempted to lambaste me on the "real science" comment, consider that N.A.S.A specifically excludes degrees in Nursing from consideration for astronaut candidacy.

I have a BS in Biology and am working on my nursing pre-reqs for an accelerated masters program I start in May. I was hoping you all would say that my biology degree would make my job search easier.:rolleyes:

That said, knowing the biology has helped my grades immensily in the pre-reqs. When the other student's are struggling with a concept - I've already had it in the past so I have no trouble. Its always good to see the material several different times to have it sink in.

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honestly, i doubt your minor will help you land a floor job b/c all employers care about pretty much is that you passed nclex. however, should you ever decide to become an infection control nurse...it'll definitely help you. good luck.

Nursing is a funny one. Nobody cares what you used to do, or what your other degrees are.

It's best described biblically... BC or AD (BRN ARN)

Nursing is a funny one. Nobody cares what you used to do, or what your other degrees are.

People (with other degrees) kvetch here about this all the time, but I don't see why it's so strange that nursing takes this position. Turn the OP's situation around -- how much (professional) benefit would a nursing degree be to someone pursuing a career as a biologist??

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