I'm getting a BSN and a minor in Biology, will this be an advantage at all?

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By the time I graduate with a BSN, because of the classes I have to take, I'll also have a minor in biology. I know that finding a job will definitely be a challenge. But I'm wondering if the added education will give me a good advantage if at all.

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As Biology is a real science, the knowledge itself is worthwhile.

Now, watch me get in trouble here....

Nursing, is more art than science. Achieving journeyman status, requires significant experience and exposure, and can not be learned in a book.

Now before anyone is tempted to lambaste me on the "real science" comment, consider that N.A.S.A specifically excludes degrees in Nursing from consideration for astronaut candidacy.

The problem Nursing has is that it's more of a generalist degree than a specific degree. Nursing draws on so many different disciplines from Psychology, Biology, Chemistry, Communication, Education, ect. that there just isn't enough classroom time to master any of it. Unless you want to start having 10 to 15 year BSN programs.:lol2:

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