If You Give a Patient a Cookie

I am under the impression that it's impossible not to take pleasure in at least a little bit of dark humor as a nurse. It just comes with the territory. Much thanks to the original children's book this story is a satire of. Also to my coworker who noted that answering call lights is often like this book. Give a patient something little, and they just want more! Gotta love 'em.


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Brilliant synopsis of the worst case scenario when you give a patient a cookie....

That is the worst case scenario, right??:/


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Death by cookie!!


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haha what a day!

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Whew! My patient last night wanted a cookie...thank goodness he was NPO...or I might have given him one. Dodged a bullet!


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"High quality chest compressions"- language straight from the AHA- love it!


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Love it!! Great work.

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Absolutely LOVED it. Soooo absolutley true as well..:rolleyes:


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and then the lab calls to tell you that he was MRSA positive, hahaha


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Printed this out at work. Everyone loved it!