If You Give a Patient a Cookie

I am under the impression that it's impossible not to take pleasure in at least a little bit of dark humor as a nurse. It just comes with the territory. Much thanks to the original children's book this story is a satire of. Also to my coworker who noted that answering call lights is often like this book. Give a patient something little, and they just want more! Gotta love 'em.


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I'm glad we don't stock cookies on my unit! Hahaha.


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That was great :cheeky:


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Very relatable. Especially now with my dad just having surgery and then being in icu with everything possible happening (including rectal tube) and now on telemetry. Praying that we are on the road to recovery now. It's been a long road with lots of bumps so far. Praying for no more bumps!

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This is a great story. I am glad to run into Mully once again and see that he is doing well. :up:


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Moral of the story: steer clear of that hospital!


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Did he have a problem with gluten or perhaps an allergy to the peanut butter or chocolate in the cookie? Will the lawyer say you should have checked the chart before giving said cookie? Is it possible he aspirated the milk? Did you do a swallow screen first? I'm sure it was all the nurses fault. The hospitals insurance will cover their malpractice while kissing your butt bye bye!


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if you give a patient a cookie....

they will ask for a hit of Dilaudid to wash it down. O did I type that?!?! I meant morph- MILK MILK> I honestly meant MILK. :)


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Is this book in print??? Because I'd seriously buy like 10 copies...


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Is this available in a hard copy to purchase??? I thought it was so creative... and true! I wanted to give a copy to my instructors before our pinning ceremony. Or do I have permission to print it? I would give full credit to the authors of course. Thank you for sharing!


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I think we've all had one of those shifts.... yep... here comes a tear with the chuckle.

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See, now I thought it was going to go something like "you'll have to do a fingerstick, and his glucose will be high, and you'll have to get the lab to verify it, and you'll need to call the MD for extra insulin coverage, etc, etc...

Silly me ;)