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Kay28 has 11 years experience and specializes in Psychiatric nursing.

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  1. Kay28

    Now THAT'S a lab result

    Mag of 0.7. Alive.
  2. Kay28

    Donate Blood - Become a Hero

    I donate platelets through the Red Cross when I have the time. My platelet count is high enough that I can usually donate a triple unit in one sitting.
  3. Make sure you are familiar with the medications used in an emergency situation on an inpatient psych unit. We use a lot of haldol, Benadryl, Ativan, and Thorazine (either IM or PO) in emergencies. Also review some of your routine psych meds given such as depakote, lithium, zyprexa or latuda. Be aware of your environment at all times, keeping a clear exit to the nearest door. Best of luck!
  4. Kay28

    Echo Heron

    She actually wrote a few fiction books that are really good. Only problem is that they aren't in print anymore, I had to get them used online.
  5. Kay28

    What are the top 5 medications YOU administer daily?

    Inpatient psych: zyprexa, depakote, lithium, trazodone, remeron.
  6. Kay28

    Having to count Risperidone

    We use a pyxis machine at my hospital and sometimes it wants you to count random meds. For some reason the other night it wanted me to do count every time I took out cogentin. No clue why though.
  7. Kay28

    Full Moon

    So it wasn't just my unit?
  8. Kay28

    Can a CNA work in psych?

    On my inpatient psych unit we hire both CNAs and mental health workers. Most of the MHWs have a bachelors degree but their job is very similar. They run therapy groups, assist with vitals/adls, and document on the observation board. They also monitor patients that are a 1:1 observation and do whatever other tasks come up throughout the shift.
  9. Kay28

    Help! What does Q2P & Q4P mean?

    Maybe "every two hours prn" for q2p?
  10. Kay28

    8-vs-12 hour shifts?

    8s in Massachusetts
  11. Kay28

    Which diagnosis?

    Personality disorder patients seem to cause the most chaos on our unit
  12. Kay28

    Have you ever had a patient smoke in the room?

    Its pretty common on my unit to catch someone smoking in their room/bathroom/shower even when informed that this is against unit rules and is a fire hazard. When this occurs we have to obtain an order for a room search and fill out an incident report. Its truly a pain for us.
  13. Kay28

    POLL: nurse-to-patient ratio

    I work on a locked inpatient psychiatric unit. We can have anywhere from 1:5 to 1:8 on my 3-11 shift. We have to do all of our own admissions, vital signs, and personal care as well.
  14. I should have known to just turn around and go home the other day when I realized I had come into work with my scrub pants on backwards. It was truly the shift from hell.
  15. Kay28

    Nursing Nightmares

    I picked up an overnight shift last night and had the most vivid dreams when I finally went to bed. It mostly consisted of a patient chasing behind me while I was driving my car around the city. I just kept driving and driving, with the guy a few inches behind me the whole time.
  16. I work inpatient psych and some of my manic patients can be so hyper verbal and tangential you wouldn't believe it! Thankfully my coworkers are pretty good about rescuing each other from these situations.