I take it personally...

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...when we lose a baby, out of the blue, that was doing so well just 2 days ago. I ache for the parents, and it makes me angry that we couldn't do anything to save this little boy. I hope it gets easier to deal with.

RIP, little boy.

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Sometimes that would happen on the 1-18 month unit I worked on, too. Why that one? Why then? Don't know. Hugs {{{bortaz-little boy-parents}}} I feel it, too.

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Well, of course you do. Bortaz, RN. It's probably part of what makes you a good nurse. That, along with an ability to air your feelings and have closure with well wishes.


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I don't think it ever gets easier to deal with.It's hard not to feel for the parents.I cried the first time I watched a mother lose her baby.I felt so bad and I felt her pain.

Bortaz RN I am thinking of you!You are an awesome nurse!

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Being that you feel the pain, and feel for that family makes you a wonderful nurse! It's only normal to feel that way, and I understand where you come from. You can have closure knowing you tried to help save that baby.

We all are thinking of you!

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If you didn't take it personally I would be more worried. You're upset because you put yourself "out there" emotionally for your patients. If you didn't it would be time to sit behind a desk and do something else.

I remember every one of the patients I have lost and although it hurts I am grateful for that pain because it reminds me why I do what I do especially on those days when I feel like giving it all up.

Keep taking great care of the babies because they really need people who care about them as much as you do.

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I've been a nurse for 18 years. YOU NEVER GET USED TO A DYING OR SICK CHILD.


Much love hugs, and remember to take care of yourself by giving yourself time to grieve....

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Bortaz, I did 7 yrs of peds. Finally just couldn't deal with it anymore. God Bless your heart! :redbeathe Know that you are in my prayers for strength, comfort and grace that only HE can give. You are a blessing and treasure...don't EVER forget that!

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They day it gets easy is the day it's time to do something else. When I see death, it's usually at the end of a long life, and even that can tear me up. A baby? Hon, you're doing what I never could.


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Thanks for the support, everyone.

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With attending a conference and having a few days off, I haven't been back to work since the demise. I can't wait to get back. The days off helped.

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With attending a conference and having a few days off, I haven't been back to work since the demise. I can't wait to get back. The days off helped.

Sorry to hear about your loss Bortaz. Is your NICU offering any sort of staff support with this loss?

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