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littlemammanurse is a BSN, RN and specializes in PP, Pediatrics, Home Health.


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  1. littlemammanurse

    Pediatric Visiting Nurse

    Thank you for the advice. Yes I do get some advance notice for my pediatric patients and sometimes I get a new admission the day of and don't have much time to prepare. I definitely want to be prepared for every situation I may run into. I do have a few supplies in my car as well as my GPS :) I will definitely be stocking up my nurses bag that I bring into the home when I visit. Thanks for the replies!!! :)
  2. littlemammanurse

    Pediatric Visiting Nurse

    So I am doing community visiting nursing with pediatrics and want to know what I should carry in my nurses bag at all times?I have a pediatric stethoscope and blood pressure cuff but want to be prepared for every situation.Any advice on what to bring with me?
  3. littlemammanurse

    Children's Responses to Multicolor and Themed Uniforms

    I know when my daughter has been sick the print scrubs cheer her up.She definitely responds better to pictures and lots of colors.From my past experience working in peds I find that a lot of patients felt calmer when they had something bright and colorful to look at,especially if they had to endure an uncomfortable procedure.I prefer wearing my prints.
  4. littlemammanurse

    Pedi Home Health- My time with Joseph

    This post made me cry.You are a wonderful person and Joseph was truly blessed to have a wonderful nurse like you!
  5. littlemammanurse


    I bring oatmeal,a hard boiled egg,tuna,fresh fruits,veggies,leftovers,salad,nuts and I love popcorn!I.also love to bring soups and chili's during the winter months.I try to be as creative as possible so I don't get bored with the same old things over and over again.
  6. littlemammanurse

    Nursing School Full-Time & Working Full-Time...Is it possible?

    I will tell you I did it!When I went to school for my RPN I worked between 2 part time jobs(between the 2 I got 48 hours a week),had a 4 month baby who was exclusively breast fed,and went to school full time.It was hard but worth it.Mind you I didn't graduate with honors, but did get B's and A's in my courses. If I could do it you can too!You sound like a very determined young woman all the best to you!
  7. littlemammanurse

    Please take our burnout survey

    Took it for you!Well made up survey!:)
  8. littlemammanurse

    Bridging Program

    I ended up going back to nursing because my business venture didn't work out.We lost money,used up almost all of our savings to pay the bills and my husband works his photography business so couldn't get a part time job to help us out.I ended up getting a job at a really good home health care agency that lets me choose my hours and when I want to work.I missed nursing as well and that is why I went back.I decided to do my upgrading since the school called to see if I was interested in applying for January since I had dropped before because I wasn't sure if I wanted to stay in nursing.I got accepted into the January program and couldn't be happier! I don't think I will do the midwife, I will stick to wanting to work in L&D,Post Partum or Pediatrics instead.
  9. littlemammanurse

    New Year Fitness Plans/and check in

    Awesome thank you so much!
  10. littlemammanurse

    Is it normal after graduating to be nervous about being on your own?

    I still am nervous and I have been working for almost a year.It is perfectly normal to feel nervous!
  11. "Where can I find a tapeworm so I can be skinny forever???" LOL!I agree!!!!
  12. littlemammanurse

    2010 LPN/LVN hourly wage

    I make 23.86+$10.00 an hour premium for working nights and weekends(which is what I mostly do.)I work in a children's home for children with severe disabilities. I live in Ontario Canada.
  13. littlemammanurse

    I finished the BSN.

  14. littlemammanurse

    Need advice After Giving Notice: Should I Lay it all on the table?

    I personally would not say anything when leaving.I wouldn't even explain to them why you are leaving and going to PRN.Do what you need to do you :)
  15. littlemammanurse

    I feel overwhelmed

    I discussed my concerns with her before going into work last night and she was able to get someone to come in with me for the next few weeks.
  16. littlemammanurse

    Article Winners

    Can't believe I won :) Thank you to everyone who voted on my article!