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  1. havehope

    Low KAPLAN scores!! Passed the NCLEX RN!

    Congratulations!! I, too passed the NCLEX with low Kaplan scores. My scores usually were in the 50-57% range, with some being over 60 if I remember correctly. I knew for sure I was going to have 265 questions, but thank the Lord I only had 75 questions. Needless to say, I thought I failed. Again, Congratulations!!!
  2. havehope

    Confessions Of A New Nurse

    Mackenzie, My story was VERY similar to yours!!! I, too graduated on December 18th. Took boards on January 26th and passed!! So, first and foremost-congratulations to us!! We are RNs now! It's so insane how life changes once you are out of school, taken and passed boards. I do not know what to do with all of my free time! Anyway, I just want to restate what you've stated. I took my NCLEX-RN two weeks after the end of my Kaplan live review. Thankfully, I did not have to work and I do not have kids. Therefore, I managed to do all question trainers, (which were lower scores than yours, but I posted this in the NCLEX section for others) all Qbank questions, and sample test 1-3. I, too did not study any before the Kaplan course. I went in on January 26th at 0800 to take my exam. I was so shocked-I was very relaxed. Got to the 75th question and it cut off. I was almost positive that I failed. I had only gotten 5-10 SATA, but lots of priority questions. I did not do the Pearson Vue Trick either! I just prayed, prayed, and prayed. I found out on the 27th that I had passed. Crazy thoughts were going through my head, did I REALLY pass? Or did they just post someone else's "pass" on my account that was suppose to say "fail"? I still don't think it has officially sat in with me yet, I am an RN. Anyway, I hope our stories encourages other nursing students to keep pushing along!!
  3. havehope

    Fundamentals vs. Med Surg 1?

    Med-Surg is based on disease process, etc. I thought Fundamentals was totally different from Med-Surg. For example, subjects for Med-Surg I include DM, amputations, BPH, Cirrhosis, Cholecystitis & Cholelithiasis, Fractures, Gout, Hepatitis, HTN, Joint replacements, osteomyelitis, pancreatitis, UTI, tractions, urinary calculi. Med-Surg 2 included: ABGs, AMI, Acute Renal Failure, Shocks, Trauma, ARDS, CHD/CAD, Chronic Renal Failure, CHF, EKGs, IICP. Med-Surg 2 was more of critical care, at least on my nursing program. The Med-Surg classes were by far the hardest for me (and I work on a Med Surg floor as a CNA/HUC). However, I found when I understood why something happened, it would stick for me. I definitely would not have passed by just memorizing the material. For Med-Surg 1 I believe we lost 10 people. For Med-Surg 2 I believe it was 3 or 4 people. Good Luck!
  4. havehope

    How many CNAs do you have on your floor?

    Our staffing on a med/surg/telemetry floor is close to this.
  5. havehope

    Nursing Student Exams...help!

    At the beginning of the semester and up until this past week, I've been doing the same. I know we are all not the same. However, I learned my problem was studying too much and overthinking the whole concept. For example, adding information to the question. You have to look at exactly what the question is asking and that is it. I bought the Pearson NCLEX, it breaks the rationales down and easier to understand (in my opinion). I know it's older, but has the main concept of choosing the correct answer instead of the distractor. I also believe they have a new one coming out soon, not too sure. My professor recommended us to rent NCLEX books and either find one you love or just keep renting different ones. Good luck.
  6. havehope

    brief head to toe assessment

    I start from the top and work my way down (trust me, as time goes on you'll get better). I would always forget this or that, but now as I do them all the time it becomes easier. I inspect everything! Look in the ears, check the eyes with penlight, check mouth with penlight, I listen to everything at once-heart, lungs, bowel sounds, as I work my way down I check the pulses, etc. Mosby's Pocket Guide for Health Assessment is an awesome book too, shows you EVERYTHING to look for,etc.
  7. havehope

    Help with taking NCLEX style questions

    Thank you both for your responses! I have one NCLEX book, it's Pearsons. Do you all have any particular one that you guys really like?
  8. Hi everyone, Does anyone have any tips on taking nclex style test questions? I find myself able to get the answers down to two options. However, i'm picking the "distractor" question each time. Anyone have any suggestions? Thank you in advance!
  9. havehope

    CNA I and CNA II pay difference?

    Well, I guess any pay increase is good. But, you were talking about taking a course? I didn't have to take a course. She gave us maybe 3 sheets of pages of skills we were to get checked off on. Like, taking IVs out, take foleys out, etc. and once we got checked off on all the skills we moved up to a II. Weigh your options, if this class is going to cost a lot I wouldn't do it. If it doesn't I would go ahead and do it. If you decide to get another job of course a CNA II looks better than a I.
  10. I've only taken Pharmacology and Fundamentals/Foundations and I second mks2012-fluids and electrolytes were hard! It's interesting, but hard.
  11. havehope

    Dropping classes

    Like the above poster said, it depends on your program. I know in my area, it looks bad on your transcript. Of course, a student that has good grades and no withdrawals,etc. looks great. However, if there is a legit reason for the withdrawals just state them in your essay. I withdrew from A&P I and explained my reasoning and had no problem getting into the program.
  12. I love the hospital compared to skilled nursing. My personal experience: there is better teamwork at a hospital, I have fewer patients, and get to learn new things all the time (which is great since i'm in nursing school), and the pay is better. At the hospital there is also more staff so this allows for better teamwork,etc.
  13. havehope

    CNA I and CNA II pay difference?

    I went from a CNA I to a CNA II (the highest I can get) and I only got maybe a 60 cent increase. However, we do get yearly raises as long as you arrive on time, don't call out much, etc.
  14. havehope

    Med Surg ATI

    I have no suggestions, but to go through the book and do the online questions. I'm taking Pharmacology and Fundamentals. I can't believe it's worth 60% of your grade. Thank goodness ours were only 5%, but then again the instructors never taught or referred us to ATI. Anyway, good luck!!
  15. havehope

    Pleeease help me put my mind at ease!

    http://www.asisvcs.com/publications/pdf/070500.pdf Google is your friend. It states "You are allowed two (2)years from your training program completion date to passthe nursing assistant examination. If you do not pass theNNAAP Examination within a two-year period, you willbe required to re-train before you will be allowed to takethe examination again."
  16. havehope

    Help With Microbiology- Exotoxins and Endotoxins

    Thank you! Oh, and I love your avatar!:)