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  1. ebear

    Who the Heck Am I Now??

    Viva, you are indeed awesome! What a great post! Just look at you making a mental illness humorous on a "bad" day. You're still you, only better. :hug:
  2. ebear

    I miss bedside nursing.

    :rotfl: :cheers:
  3. ebear

    Who is a professional nurse?

    I still like nurses in white. Not necessarily with caps, though.
  4. ebear

    Grey's Anatomy? Scrubs too?

    Dislike show. LOVE the scrubs!
  5. ebear

    Ok, what's the real deal with new grads?

    FutureNurse1, what your family friend, who is a retired nurse, meant when she said "toughen up" will become very apparent to you once you are in the trenches as a new RN. It is becoming assertive AFTER you have experienced things that will not be taught in nursing school. Just as advanced chemistry cannot be taught to a kindergartener, one must come up through the "ranks", build precept upon precept, fall on your behind several times, fail, and keep getting up time after time. That is what will make you a strong, successful nurse who is able to handle herself with grace, skill, and confidence. As far as the job market goes, no one knows what the situation will be at the time you finish your degree and pass the NCLEX. Study HARD, LISTEN, and OBSERVE, not only as far as the medical profession is concerned, but in your relationships with peers, instructors, and clinical staff. No lecture from me about attitude adjustment...."just the truth" as you say. Did I say "LISTEN"? You will learn far more by keeping your mouth closed and your eyes and ears open. Best of luck as you continue your education in every facet.
  6. ebear

    working triage for Humana

    Thanks for your reply, LittleWing21!
  7. ebear

    working triage for Humana

  8. ebear

    working triage for Humana

    Does anyone work for Humana as a "personal nurse"? What has been your experience? Is this a good company to work for? I just applied for this position. It's triage from home.
  9. ebear

    Another Five Star Management Decision!

    Just another prime example showing how far out of touch management is...
  10. ebear

    instrument test

    This picture IS a rongeur. The other one is skeletal traction with Steinman pin. OP posted 2 different pictures on 2 different threads.
  11. ebear

    What is it like to work in the CDU?

    I'mthatguy, I think the OP means "clinical decision unit" (formerly "observation") where patients of varying specialties are admitted on a 23 hr basis pending diagnostic reports, change in symptoms, etc.
  12. ebear

    Ortho test

    Skeletal traction with Steinman pin.
  13. ebear

    instrument test

    That is skeletal traction with Steinman pin.
  14. ebear

    I hate what's happening to nursing...

    Reenski, you have so much to learn should you choose to pursue the nursing profession. I am speaking not only of nursing though, but of life in general. Make sure you are strong in your faith. It will be so important when the "wheels fall off" in your life...and they do fall off at some point in everyone's life. There's only so much one can learn from a book. The rest is learned in the school of hard knocks and dealing with reality. :redbeathe
  15. ebear

    I hate what's happening to nursing...

    I agree with every post. I've decided to throw in my "cap." It's just not worth the BS anymore.