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ebear has 37 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in Med-Surg/Peds/O.R./Legal/cardiology.

mother of 2 / GM of 4

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  1. ebear


    Did did try to keep my regular password, Commuter. Didn't work. UGH! Kept redirecting me even when I read to the bottom of the page in it's entirety several times. Maybe I'm just a doofus!
  2. ebear


    I have been trying to get logged into "breakroom" for hours now and changing password (as required) etc. I can read all of your kind words but have been unable to reply. Maybe my registration will go through eventually. I would just like to thank all of you for your kind words, encouragement, support and prayers during this very trying time. It means more than you all will ever know. :heartbeat With heartfelt gratitude, Ebear
  3. ebear

    New OR nurse needs some advice

    I had the same experience, Canes! It was a beeotch!
  4. ebear

    Who the Heck Am I Now??

    Viva, you are indeed awesome! What a great post! Just look at you making a mental illness humorous on a "bad" day. You're still you, only better. :hug:
  5. ebear

    Pain Meds

    Why is a patient ordered oxycodone and hydrocodone at the same time? Ask doc to review.
  6. ebear

    what states NEED nurses ?

    Try both Carolinas. MANY teaching hospitals, as well as rural areas, are hiring new grads. It's the ones with >20yrs experience who are having the most problems finding employment.
  7. ebear

    Blue or white collar?

    Blue collar with white trim.
  8. ebear

    Texting while doing patient care?

    I'm with Viva. TOTALLY.
  9. ebear

    New OR nurse needs some advice

    Smiggers, Don't sweat it. At 2 months, you are just now getting your feet wet. Keep a little notebook in your pocket and jot down things to remember. DO NOT let them put you in a room alone until you have more experience under your belt. It matters not if you are short staffed. Volunteer to help with cases you are not familiar/comfortable with. Scrubbing as much as you can will help you become a better circulator. You can do this! Keep hanging! :hug:
  10. ebear

    Does Death Have A Smell?

    I haven't noticed a smell but I CAN see impending death in the eyes. It's sort of a "far away", blank, "other worldly" look. :uhoh21:
  11. ebear

    Calling a doctor question.

    I also agree with full introduction.
  12. ebear

    Being Naked Where I Work: A Nurse With Cancer

    Ruby, I had a colon resection (ca ) a few yrs back and was nekkid at my hospital, too. It will be OK, I promise! My 1st post op day, a fellow nurse brought a HUGE fruit arrangement to me in all it's glory. Me thinking to myself: "hmmmm.....wonder if I can eat this with an NG tube"..... The staff enjoyed the fruit and came in my room to take their breaks. You will remain in my prayers, Ruby! :hug:
  13. ebear

    Once again.....I'm a "nurse".....

    Once again, Siri cuts the bull. :)
  14. ebear

    Once again.....I'm a "nurse".....

    There are certified medical assistants, but they are by no means "registered". Time to bring this to the atention of state boards of nursing nationwide.
  15. Didn't you know that nurses are superhuman and are never to be on controlled meds for any reason?
  16. ebear

    When the axe falls...

    kcmylorn, Just call it like you see it, why don't cha?? :rotfl: I LOVE it!!!!