I saved my brother's life last night....


I am embarrassed to say that last night my brother overdosed on cocaine, ambien, quinapril, and alcohol. Before the EMT's arrived he stopped breathing. I performed CPR on my brother and I was able to revive him. I had to share my story because I am proud of myself and not that I ever doubted my desire to be a nurse but now I know that me being a nurse is meant to be.

I hope he appreciates me saving his life.


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I am so sorry you had the need to save your brother but GREAT JOB! You should be very proud of yourself! What a feeling it must be to aid in saving someones life! Especially a family member...holy.


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Well done you!!:yeah::yeah::yeah: What a "buzz" that must have given you.I hope he recovers OK.

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He may or may not appreciate it, but I say, "BRAVO!!!"


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Good job! Your clear head and quick thinking, even when dealing with a family member, make me confident that you'd be a great nurse!

I hope this incident scares your brother straight!

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That's awesome! Hope he's gonna be ok:icon_hug:.


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That's awesome you had the guts to do that and reacted as necessary in that moment - shows strong character. You're gonna be a great nurse!

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It's my greatest fear that when it's a member of my family I will freeze and be unable to act. Well done, I hope he appreciates what you have done you should be very very proud of yourself.

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WOW - performing CPR on your own brother. That had to be tough. Excellent job in the most high-pressure situation a nurse can experience.

I hope your brother and your family heal well.

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That is AMAZING!!!! I can't imagine how scared I would be trying to perform CPR on anyone, let alone someone from my own family. My heart fills with joy at your accomplishment. My prayers are with you, your brother, and your family as you all struggle through this time of recovery. I hope your brother can see how much his life matters and appreciate the second chance God (through you) has given him.:heartbeat


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I pray that your brother will be ok and that he will overcome this. Peace and love be with you and your family.


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This gave me a heavy heart. Wonderful that you saved him but so sorry for the circumstances. I sincerely pray that maybe this incident will be positive and help your brother turn his life around.

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