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  1. emnicams

    Hourly rate for RN's, LPN's, CNA's in Your State

    I live in Tennessee. At my facility (nursing home), RN's start at 23.00/hr, LPN 16.50/hr and CNA's 9.00/hr.
  2. emnicams

    New Grad RN in LTC, what can I do?

    I'm an RN at LTC. I work on the skilled hall, which is staffed with one RN and one LPN on all shifts. The ICF halls are only staffed with LPNs, the reasoning being if they need an RN for something on those halls there is one in the building they can "borrow" :) I wasn't a new grad when I hired in, though; I worked in the hospital setting first. I'm not sure hiring in as a new grad is a good idea, at least at my facility. It's much more autonomous than in the hospital, where I had doctors right at my disposal and all the supplies and equipment I needed. (We joke that LTC nurses can start an IV with a hollowed out pen, since we run out of angiocaths all the time, lol) Good knowledge base and assessment skills are critical, especially on a skilled hall where a lot of my patients actually belong back in the hospital, IMO. I found out about the job through word of mouth.
  3. emnicams

    Please tell me I'm not crazy...

    Agreed... I work in LTC (on a skilled unit) and my stress level at work is ten times as high as when I worked ICU-stepdown with art lines, chest tubes, post-ops etc. I only changed jobs due to needing 8 hour shifts.
  4. emnicams

    Funny doctor orders

    We have a doc that often signs his progress notes "Dr. SoandSo, Bamf." Type "BAMF" in on urbandictionary.com if you don't know what it stands for... and yes, it's well known that THAT is what he means. He's an egotistical guy for sure.
  5. emnicams

    Why aren't nursing homes doing 12 hour shifts???

    I went to LTC partly for the 8 hour shifts. I guess it's all in personal preference. I do Monday through Friday 7a-3p and love my hours. I despised 12 hour shifts at the hospital. Yeah, I got more whole days off, but I was so exhausted all the time. I couldn't enjoy it because I was already filled with dread over my next 12 hour shift the minute I got off work. Not for me! Oh, wanted to add: I wouldn't want to work 3-11 either.
  6. emnicams

    RN Interview

    I got asked how would I handle a family that wanted to keep their dying relative a full code. Also, why did I wanted to work in long term care. They nitpicked my resume apart too, where I had listed my job responsibilities at previous jobs... "what does this mean to you?" etc. It was nerve wracking. I got the job though.
  7. emnicams

    Do you donate blood?

    I used to, but I get so sick afterward that I finally stopped. The last time, I spent the rest of the day lying down on the couch, because anytime I tried to get up, I almost fainted. Not fun. I donated for years without issue, so it's strange.
  8. emnicams

    How Many Residents Do You Care For On Your Unit?

    7a-3p on the skilled hall. 1 RN and 1 CNA for 10 residents. The ICF halls are 1 LPN and 5 CNA's for 32 residents.
  9. emnicams

    What do you carry...

    Cell phone O2 sensor Med room keys Pens A few alcohol wipes Post its My badge is the clip-on kind. I am shocked at how much some of you carry! My pockets bulge as it is.
  10. emnicams

    Took out wrong person's IV

    This post should have come with a beverage warning!!!!
  11. emnicams

    Oh MY GOD!!! I WANT TO WORK HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The one on the left or right?
  12. emnicams

    Interesting morning....

    My fear came from the general uncleanliness of the place I went to.
  13. emnicams

    Interesting morning....

    They return the rest back to your body. I also did this once while broke and in nursing school. Dirty, nasty looking people in the waiting room. Staff was incredibly rude. It took me four hours from the time I signed in until they took me in a back room for my physical (and I had an appointment!). I had to pee in a cup and they decided my urine was too dark (it looked fine to me, probably a little concentrated from sitting in there all day with nothing to drink, lol) and turned me down! I was furious! I ended up going back some time later (I was broke, like I said) and drank lots of water before hand. They deemed my pee light enough and I finally donated. Never went back though. I'd be scared of catching some disease from that horrible place... I do *donate* whole blood, however. Not as much as I should, because I always feel like crap the rest of the day. But at least the center where you don't get paid for it is clean, and the staff is friendly!
  14. emnicams

    Ah, the things we say when we're tired

    I thought of another silly story, that actually had to do with a pt. On my old floor, we didn't have those awful phones we carry around now, so when we urgently needed to find a nurse we would page over the call light system "So-and-so, turn your light on." One day, we paged "Sue, turn your light on." A patient, whose first name was evidently Sue, hit her call light and when we answered, she uncertainly said, "Um, this is Sue..?" We got a good laugh out of that, bless her heart!
  15. emnicams

    Ah, the things we say when we're tired

    Once near the end of a long and super-busy shift-- I was exhausted-- I was getting a couple of pills ready to give to a patient. I opened them at the bedside, put them into a 30ml plastic cup and got ready to pour the pt some water from his pitcher. I then proceeded to pour the water directly into the 30ml cup on top of the pills. On top of that, it was an orientee's first day with me. I know she thought I was a real winner! I've also answered call lights "This is *my name*" like I answer the phone, instead of "May I help you." Or I've answered the phone "May I help you?" LOL.
  16. emnicams

    It pays to be a nurse.

    A coworker RN of mine was pulled over on the way to work the other morning by a state trooper. Made no difference; he ticketed her for speeding anyway. I might add that she is a cute and fit 24 year old. Maybe troopers are harsher... OR she just got unlucky!