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  1. DA314

    gyn prob. in the ER??? GUESS THE DIAGNOSIS

    lord I hope it isn't 3 years of having a sex toy jammed somewhere and/or labor !
  2. DA314

    gyn prob. in the ER??? GUESS THE DIAGNOSIS

    I'm going to guess that she's allergic to her partner's emissions.
  3. DA314

    Is nursing is not anything but a glorified CNA position?

    Sure it is. And all CNAs should be able to petition to take the NCLEX. I mean, come on, if you can take a blood pressure and wipe a bottom, you can surely do everything LPNs and RNs do. Heck, We should even be able to practice medicince, since really, a doctor is just a glorified RN.
  4. DA314

    First Code

    Unless you drew up the dilaudid and left it in the pt's room, I don't see how it was your fault. Patients do stupid things. We've had cardiac patients snorting cocaine in their room, patients with PICC lines go out to "smoke" and inject themselves with drugs. Used Narcan too many times to count on pt's that took their own pain meds on top of what we were giving them. Sometimes, the stupid things patients do kills them. You can't be in the room 24/7 to babysit.
  5. DA314

    is 3rd shift inevitable for new nurses?

    Around here (KY), most new grads start out on nights. Once you get use to staying up all night and sleeping during the day, it isn't bad. I'm currently on days right now, but will likely be going back to nights soon. As for staying in shape on nights, I always make sure I bring healthy food to snack on (fresh fruit, veggies, broth-based soups), coffee, and I take walks when I'm feeling super -tired, especially in the summer, when the air is warm. When I get home from work at 8:00, I'm usually wide awake, so I take a run and workout, which helps tire me and makes me get a good day's sleep in before the next shift. I don't find that staying in shape and healthy on nights is any harder than days. It might be a little easier. On day shifts, I get home at 8:00, and have to make dinner for my husband, spend time with him, clean the house, walk the dog, etc. When I get home from a night shift, the house is empty and still clean from the evening before :-)
  6. DA314

    Private Loan Debt Stressed Out New Grad! HELP!

    I'm sorry you're having such a rough time. First, I would recommend taking a deep breath and remind yourself that this too shall pass. You will eventually find a job and get into a better financial situation. Next, call your loan companies, ask about getting a hardship deferrment. With no job, this shouldn't be difficult. Third, study for your board exam. Go to the library, it is easier to focus when you aren't at home and distracted. Make passing the NCLEX your full-time job. Study until you know the material well, until you can confidently answer all the delegation and prioritization questions. Then, go pass your NCLEX. Once you have passed, you will be much more attractive to potentital employers. Your situation is ok. People fail NCLEX all the time, then go on to pass after some extra studying. People are broke sometimes. This is life. You will be strong, you are smart. You will get through this, and look back on it as a small storm you had to weather. Good luck, I can't wait to hear that you've passed boards!
  7. DA314

    Do you wear an undershirt???

    I usually just wear a white men's ribbed unershirt tank top. They are pretty thin, but provide me with enough of a feeling of having something on.
  8. There was a post there originially. It appears that the OP went back and deleted most of it for some reason.
  9. It is great that you are so optimistic. I think most people who enter into nursing (or any profession for that matter), go into school with a bright outlook. Then you start your actual nursing classes. Nursing school is tough. Very tough. And not just intellectually tough. They like to stress you out, worry you, make you cry. It is 2-4 years of constant stress. That wears down some of your optimism. I'm not trying to scare you. They make nursing school tough because nursing is tough. Lives are on the line. If you make a mistake with a teaching job, all that happens is some kid fails a test. If you make mistakes in nursing, people can die. That being said, you'll get through it. You will feel relieved. You will start your job with a little more realistic approach. You don't have to turn into one of those cold-hearted nurses, but you will have to learn that you aren't going to save the world. I just try to focus on each day. When I come in, I greet my patients, tell them "My name is DA314. We're going to have a great day together!" I try to start the day off on a good foot, so my patients will think positiviely of me. I do not let yesterday linger in my mind. I do not try to predict what tomorrow will bring. By focusing only on the day at hand, your job will be less overwhelming.
  10. It depends. I have traded patients if it is someone that I know outside of work. However, I have also had to care for a few coworkers (darned HMO). They really can't get assigned a nurse that doesn't know them, because in our hospital, everybody knows everybody. That's why I chose the PPO plan, so I don't have to come here for treatment and have everybody know my business
  11. DA314

    prioritizing nclex question help!

    I agree with the two previous posters. You want the first patient to remain on bedrest first and foremost. Also, she wouldnt just be on contact isolation precautions, there would be radiation precautions as well (the answer didnt give that option, whhich makes the contact precaution wrong). Also, the cancer pt. who is receiving only radiation may not be at high risk of infection. Chemo is typically what lowers he immmune system.
  12. DA314

    Goodbye food pyramid; Welcome "My plate"

    Cali- the concept is that is what your plate should look like at each meal. I think a great strategy would be to have plates made with the "my plate" design on them. Then, just fill up the appropriate part of your plate. All your protein should fit in the "protein" box, all your veggies in the veggies box, and so on.
  13. DA314

    Pearson Vue Trick - Does it Work Every Time? Part 2

    Does the pearsonvue website show "delivery sucessful?" I had 75 q's, finished in about 40 minutes, and they didnt hold my results. I went home, 15 mins after the test, it said "delivery successful, so I tried the PVT and it worked- I found out yesterday that I passed.
  14. I'm a new graduate nurse, but I have worked for the hospital where I'm interviewing as a CNA for 2 and 1/2 years. I am fairly confident that I will be offered the position, and I was hoping to be able to negotiate an extra $2/hour on my salary. I know it may not seem like much, but I don't want to start low, since I have invested so much time here as it is. I will be happy with an extra $1/hr. Any advice on how to negotiate this? I have never negotiated an hourly rate before, only an annual salary, which is much different. Will I be turned down because Im a new nurse? Will they retract their job offer based on this?
  15. DA314

    Pearson Vue Trick - Does it Work Every Time? Part 2

    Well, guess it really does work. I didn't study at all. I got 75 questions 2 days ago, swore I failed. Did the PVT, got the GOOD pop-up. Today, I paid my eight bucks, found out I passed! YAY! :dncgbby:
  16. Ok, so I oficially took my NCLEX 48 hours ago. I need my results dangit! anyone else have it take longer than 48 hours?