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  1. Hands and Heart

    Any CSULA 2008 ELMN Applicants?

    No, you do not get a degree until full completion of the master's. Though the educational content is equivalent to a BSN, a BSN degree is not given. Good luck to you.
  2. Hands and Heart

    Uniform, where to get it from online, Legit.

    Are you trying to buy scrubs for yourself or a specific type of uniform? I bought some really good quality scrubs from theuniformcity on Ebay. Very reasonablely priced, too.
  3. Hands and Heart

    Confusion over employment process

    I also secured a position four months before graduation on a verbal offer. The nurse manager was so excited to offer me the position that she took me down to HR directly after my interview, which was a couple of weeks before I actually accepted the position. I, too, had no written offer but felt very secure with ths situation. I received all my written information when I did my preemployment physical/paperwork. If the lack of a written offer scares you, definitely voice your concerns to the recruiter or nurse manager as llg has said. That is excellent advice. I believe a phone call or personal visit would do better than an email so that you can effectively convey your feelings, ask and answer questions, and get immediate feedback. Good luck.
  4. Hands and Heart

    Had the interview- now what?

    Why don't you send a handwritten thank you instead. The days of personally written letters is waning and it will make more of an impression than an email that will get lost among the 50+ emails the recruiter receives. Follow up with a status check phone call next week. Best of luck.
  5. Hands and Heart

    Hope I made the right choice

    Safety first. I'm glad you will be safer in your travels to and from work. I hope it all works out well for you. Good luck.
  6. Hands and Heart

    HOLY CRAPOLLA!!! I am almost done!

    I'll be working on a medical telemetry floor. I'm looking forward to it. I really want to do a good job and be a great nurse.
  7. Hands and Heart

    ? Regarding OT in CA

    I have heard the same regarding OT. The pay rates are adjusted to reflect a fair wage overall. My particular hospital in Pasadena does pay OT for the last 4 hours of a 12 hour shift but has a slightly lower base rate. When a 36 hour work week (with 12 hours being OT) is averaged out per hour, it generally works out to what some of the area hospitals are paying as a flat rate. You may try contacting the human resources department at the particular hospitals you are applying to in order to determine their policy.
  8. Hands and Heart

    HOLY CRAPOLLA!!! I am almost done!

    Follow the subliminal advice of the emoticon that you used and hang in there. It is a good sign that you are worried. I am about to start my new grad training in two and a half weeks, and I am scared crapless. I know I have what it takes but I don't want to make one little mistake. I have precepted at the hospital where I will be working so I'm a bit ahead on how things are done but still. Everyone tells me that it is a good sign to be worried. It means you care. Don't let it overwhelm you, though. I've worked with nurses during my clinical rotations that are under a year out of school and they have been amazing, have known their stuff, and been able to pass their knowledge on to me. That gives me great inspiration for where I can be in a year. Hang on to the desire to be safe and be good. It will all fall into place from there.:hngon:
  9. Hands and Heart

    Employee Incentives

    The scrub jacket idea is cool but I'd suggest something in a solid color so that male nurses don't get left out with foofoo prints. Maybe a sweater/sweatshirt jacket. Maybe even a light outerwear jacket with hospital logo. Coffee shop gift cards. Sandwich shop gift card. Because I've been trying to eat healthy, I would suggest not aiding bad eating habits with pizza and doughnuts. Movie tickets/free movie rentals. Just some things I could think of.
  10. Hands and Heart

    What I didn't get in school...

    A nurse I was following today in my clinical rotation gave me a great perspective on procedures and nursing: Being able to do a procedure isn't as important as having a clear picture of your patient and know the whys, risks, and benefits of said procedure. Putting together your patient's clinical picture through a good report with followup questions will help you plan your day's care. Procedures will be there, but you need to know why your patient needs it is more the key to good nursing. But, yes, good for you for voicing your concerns to your CI and administration. If procedures are available, your CI should give you every opportunity to perform them. Having done something in the clinical setting will give you more confidence when you encounter it again in the work setting as you will have had a chance to reflect on how to improve your approach to the procedure. Good luck.
  11. Hands and Heart

    Starting Masters right out of nursing school?

    I finish my basic nursing program on August 30th and start my master's classes September 24th. But that is the way my program is set up. It is a direct entry to master's for individuals with previous bachelors in other fields. Wish me luck.
  12. Hands and Heart

    I hate it when the male nurses on my unit...

    That is just crazy since over 50% of the population is female. The male nurses knew that going into the profession. For years and years, female nurses have been caring for male patients without shuffling the responsibility to another person.
  13. Hands and Heart

    pep talk needed

    I'm not an LPN but I do have words of encouragement for you. You have put in some amazing work. Trust in your knowledge. Have faith in your abilities. You are a NURSE. Now go smash that test.
  14. Hands and Heart

    Does this sound like "a little much" to you??

    These sheets were in patients' rooms at one of the hospitals in which I did a clinical. We had to perform the 3 Ps: Pain, position, and I can't remember. The hospital in which I am doing my preceptorship and will be working when I am done has location sensors on the staff to track when and where they are while on shift. The system tracks each time you enter a patient's room. I think that is easier than to have another piece of paper to fill out.
  15. Hands and Heart

    Wrong dose?

    You are right. I found the dosage information on epocrates.com. The pharmacy better catch that. The patient will be doped up if that med error happens.
  16. Hands and Heart

    Somebody pinch me!!!!

    Pinch. Pinch. Pinch. Congratulations, RN.:yeah: