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  1. Hello: I graduated nursing school in 2011, failed the NCLEX four times and have been working since but I am ready to get back up on the horse again and pass the NCLEX but I am not sure what I should do to prepare. The school I graduated from has prov...
  2. Is anyone doubting themselves?

    I graduated in May 2011 and failed the NCLEX 4 times so you can imagine how I feel =(. I am starting a Kaplan review course Tuesday and I have access to Hurst review but I am seriously doubting myself. My test is on 2/10 (my birthday) so I am hopin...
  3. I have failed the NCLEX-RN 5 times now and I am not sure if I can pass the test because I have now been out of school for 3 years next month. The last time I took the test I really thought I did well using Hurst Review but unfortunately I failed. C...
  4. Prep courses: Ncsbn, hurst, or ati?

    The yellow Saunders book is the fifth edition.
  5. confused with ATT and eligibility

    I am in New York State and I see just beachy nurse's point and it make sense. In NYS the application to the state BON for approval is a one time deal but like beachy mentioned it depends on the state. In NYS and in most states only the ATT expires (...
  6. confused with ATT and eligibility

    Please do not let that first sentence confuse you. Even if you were to leave the date as is and not show you would still have to pay Pearson Vue only and not the state BON but it would just take a little longer for you to receive your ATT.
  7. confused with ATT and eligibility

    Hello. Unschedule the test and let your ATT expire and you will have to pay the $200 to Pearson Vue only. The BON in your state has to approve you only once and that is it. This was very recent that I did this too. I called Pearson Vue and and as...
  8. confused with ATT and eligibility

    Hello. I let my ATT expire once and all I had to de was pay the $200 again to Pearson Vue. Good luck. You do not need to reapply to your state board of nursing.
  9. Pharmacology Help - NCLEX

    Hello: I have unfortunately failed the NCLEX-RN a few times and I am 17 days away from going at it again and again I am nervous about pharmacology. The few times I have failed the NCLEX I was always below the passing standard on pharmacology. I hav...
  10. Which comprehensive review is best?

    If you had a choice between the Kapln course book or he Saunders comprehenisve review which would you choose? I need to review badly and I am torn between the two.
  11. Anyone else having issues with Kaplan's online resources?

    The Kaplan site is up and running now.
  12. What do you do the day before the test?

    Hello: 187 questions and 4-1/2 hours later and the computer shut down. I honestly cannot tell you if I passed or not and I do not want to ruin Father's Day by trying the PV trick in case i did fail. All I can do is keep my fingers crossed and hope f...
  13. What do you do the day before the test?

    Congratulations =). I have done my best studying the day before and the day of a test. Please do not laugh but my best studying is done while in my car with no distractions. I won't be doing questions but I will be reviewing lab values and the NCL...
  14. I am stil studying and nervous as can be. i was wondering what everyone else did the day before the test? I am not taking the test until 1:00 PM EST tomorrow but I plan on getting up early and sitting in the parking lot and studying until 12:30. I...
  15. Should I use ATI?

    I have access to ATI, Saunders, Kaplan, and NCLEX 4000. I was going to work with my ATI instructor but it seems like their questions are not as good as Kaplan's or Saunder's. Do you recommend that I just stick with Saunders and Kaplan and maybe som...