Need an opinion on preparing for the NCLEX



I graduated nursing school in 2011, failed the NCLEX four times and have been working since but I am ready to get back up on the horse again and pass the NCLEX but I am not sure what I should do to prepare.

The school I graduated from has provided me with an ATI tutor but I am honestly just unsure about ATI. Should I just do questions and review using U-World or continue working with the tutor and ATI? I am just not 100% certain that the ATI tutor and ATI will help me to pass the NCLEX.

I'd appreciate any advice.



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You probably also want to return to, and take a deep dive into, your nursing textbooks.

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I would find an in-person review course for sure.

After 5-6 years being out of school you know you're rusty. Also there was clearly some knowledge and/or critical thinking skills that needed improvement the first few times around. A review course would help with content and maybe help you identify where things went wrong on your previous exams. Good luck!


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Whatever you decide to do, keep using UWorld, I found those questions to be harder than the nclex and the rationales were awesome. Make sure that you right down rationales right or wrong, I almost never had time to read over them but just reading the rationales seemed too passive.