I really need a better diet...


..I am gaining weight. I don't know if it is just the stress of school/life... but man, i gained like 10 lbs this semester... How do you guys stay in shape? How do you manage to eat healthy??


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Prioritization ;) works for more things then just nursing.

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Cut out junk food/drinks completely, eat small meals and snack to maintain energy. I have a fitness center at my job so I go there for thirty minutes-hour after work. If your school has a gym I would recommend doing that.


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I've gained 35 pound in three semesters of school. What I've started doing is tracking calories on My Fitness Pal app. I think more about what I'm eating when I know how many calories I should be consuming a day.


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Besides diet, are you exercising? In an ideal world we would all have healthy snacks around whenever we got the munchies while studying;) But you need to stay active too. When you take a break from studying go for a walk, lift some weights, do some squats, hop on the stationary bike. I enjoy working out because it clears my head, and I know this will not change once I start the program in January. I plan to record lectures and listen to them while on my run. Also, I will be packing a healthy lunch and snack to bring with me to school...I am too picky of an eater not to.


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I had the same problem. I gained like 25 pounds during school and I contributed it to all the time spent sitting and studying and eating on the run. I worked full time while I was in school too so I didn't have much time for anything, let alone exercise. I tried to make up for it by parking as far away as humanly possible when I went anywhere so I'd have to walk further. And using the stairs at school instead of the elevator (and holy poop those nursing books were heavy!).

I ended up losing a whole lot more than I gained when I started working and I was thinner than I've ever been, but it wasn't healthy weight loss it was because of stress and anxiety.

My best advice? Healthy snacks, water, and watch how much of what you put in your coffee. Haha.


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I gained 10 pounds during my first semester of school. I had no time to work out, but I did find time to eat. That was back in January 2014. Next week I start a new ADN program, and I have planned to meal plan my breakfast, lunch, and snacks. Over the pass 3 years I have gained about 40 pounds. I'm having a hell of a time getting them off. I vowed this time around that I will not gain one freaking ounce. I also see a gym membership in my future because I need relieve the stress of life. Anxiety is becoming a real big issue with me and I refuse to have heart disease or drive myself batty:banghead:. The my fitness app the other poster suggested is good. I also like this website www.blackwomenlosingweight.com (you don't have to be black to join ;) or goggle meal planning on youtube to get ideas. Good luck!

I gained weight from stress alone, without changing my diet. I was actually exercising more than I did before nursing school, too.

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I kickbox and it helps with stress and fitness. I try to limit the junk and drink water when I remember to. Find something that interests you so it won't feel like such a chore to work out.


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Do you snack while studying? Or maybe in class during lecture? I gained about 8-10 lbs in block 1 and found I would always have little snacks with me while studying or during lecture. Furthermore, I wasnt exercising much because I spent a lot of time studying. I have now cut the study time snacking and just a more wholesome meal at meal times with small snacks in between. I also now take my study notes and lecture recording to the gym and study while on the elliptical. I listen to recording while using free weights or other machines. Its just about finding a balance with exercise and food in your life. But the stress of nursing school can make that tough. I dont know if we can put app names on here, but there is a fitness/diet app in the app market or itunes store (depending on what phone you have) that you can enter the food your eat (and even scan packages!) and it will add your calories for you. You can also add in any exercise and it will estimate your net caloric intake. This can help give you a visual and help you to make some changes. GL

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..I am gaining weight. I don't know if it is just the stress of school/life... but man, i gained like 10 lbs this semester... How do you guys stay in shape? How do you manage to eat healthy??

I use a website called Skinnytaste for healthy recipes that actually taste good and use real food, no weird substitutions or fat free sugar free fake "food."

I freeze individual portions of dinner leftovers for healthy lunches later in the week. I try to eat only ONE actual serving of whatever I'm eating.

I don't deny myself anything because that's a recipe for disaster. I drink soda, wine, and coffee, eat bacon, cheese, chocolate, pasta, and fried things....just not very much and not all the time.

I focus on lean protein, fruit and veggies. Other things are accoutrements, so to speak. When I'm being a good girl I track my food and exercise with an app called MyFitnessPal. I also use RunKeeper for outdoor activities and it's linked to MFP and puts the activity and calories earned right in there for me.

And I do exercise. But you don't have to kill yourself. Finding an hour two or three times a week is all you really need, aim for 2/3 cardio and 1/3 strength. I like group classes because then I don't have to come up with a routine, I just show up to my chosen class and follow along. I do run, hike, and walk as well.

I'm worried about how to keep up with fitness when I start school in January, I won't lie. But even if I drop down my intensity and frequency, I can still eat healthy and I think I should be able to exercise at least twice a week. One odd thing I noticed during my weight loss journey almost two years ago was that I have better hunger control on days I exercise.

Hope that helps.

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I gained a total of 30 pounds through two years of school. I wanted to feel good about myself and the way I look, and decided to make a change. I have a protein shake in the morning and for lunch (Boost is the best, tastes great), I have scheduled snacks of fruit, yogurt, or almonds, and a meal at night with my family. I leave my debit card at home so I'm not tempted to go through a drive thru for lunch, and I also have one "cheat night" a week. Usually on Friday.

Choose fruit instead of chips/snacks. Drink water, lots of water (you can still have your coffee when you need it), and set times for meals.

I've managed to lose 11 pounds this semester!