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Loving the life I live, and Living the life I Love. Currently taking my RN-BSN.

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  1. Fearless_leader

    Obesity and health issues

    I feel the same way. I'm also tall and heavy. I went to the Dr. today and to my surprise I have gained more weight and I am trying to loose. Ughí ½í¸ží ½í¸© I have reached my maximum weight. Anywho continue to make small changes and I will do the same. One step at a time.
  2. Fearless_leader

    Best Shoes for Nurses

    I prefer Alegria. Pricey$$ however They are so nice and comfy. I own 2 pair. Even though they look heavy and bulky. I am pleased with the comfort and my feet no longer hurts. Before I use to wear Allwear and my Nikes and Reebox don't cut it for me either.
  3. Fearless_leader

    NCLEX March 2017

    I passed the Nclex yesterday. 113 questions. Uworld is the truth. Thank God
  4. Fearless_leader

    NCLEX March 2017

    Hi guys I test in 6 days. Boy am I nervous. I am a repeat test taker this is my 2nd time taking the test. I am using World mainly, but I do have the Remar Quick facts, Hey Rona Notes, and Hurst Review. I'm kind of scared to take the predictor test. My UWorld expires 3/11/ and I test 3/13. I am praying for a miracle because this has been a long... journey for me. Good Luck everyone and I hope to come back with good news. I am scoring in the 64% on Uworld. I here that is good. I hope Tuesday morning state board results will show that I PASS. In the name of Jesus.
  5. Fearless_leader

    I failed my NCLEX

    I failed Nov. 16, 2016. I am almost died I studied and prayed so hard. I failed I think mostly from mental fatigue. I studied 8 hours a day for week even the day before. My results came back in all areas as Near Passing. I'm waiting for my ATT now. I really like Uworld and I plan on using them again. Also I'm only spending 4-5 hrs. a day to study not the 8 hrs. I did previously. Good luck and God Bless I really think UWorld is the best.
  6. Fearless_leader

    8 year retake and PVT

    You PASSED... Congratulations. The PVT works for everybody.. my dear. Way to go....
  7. Fearless_leader

    The NCLEX is a complete conundrum to me

    Congratulations. I failed last month I'm praying that I pass next time.
  8. Fearless_leader

    Uworld questions

    Congratulations, I hope that this will be my story in 2 weeks.
  9. Fearless_leader

    Passed Nclex- 75qs 1st try, PVT Trick, UWorld vs. Kaplan

    Congratulations. I hope this is my story soon. I test next month.
  10. Fearless_leader

    Itt tech-Breckinridge possible shutdown

    So I came back to read the comments because I knew the negativity would be real. It's saddens me to see people attack others who choose institutions to best fit their needs that's how it was for me. When my local community college did me in. Anyway..... So yesterday was a trying day because it was the day my class names were to be sent to the state and they were for sure. I'm not going into details on how I know, and that's not possible because the school was closed. I was there and I got my transcripts so did my classmates. Thank God. To top it off I helped my classmates behind some of them get letters signed to test out for LPN again I'm not going into that, but it's a special form required by the state to be signed by the school. I did a lot of leading yesterday and hell of alot fighting. That's just me though. I am am thankful Application put into the state, fingerprints are getting done this morning, NCLEX will be paid soon and yes I still have my job waiting bloop bloop. As as for the poster I am so sorry this all happened. This school was 50 years old so it was a great school in some areas. Unfortunately cooperate got very greedy and instead of putting the monies into the school they let the little people take the big hit. Never give up on nursing. If you read my previous posts I fought tooth and nail to the very end literally. If I find out more info I would be willing to share. To anyone. I can't even be happy really because this is so emotionally. I made great relationships with people behind me and I feel so sad. í ½í¸°
  11. Fearless_leader

    failed nclex 5 times

    Don't give up. I haven't taken the NCLEX yet but, I know someone who took it 5 times as well. She passed on the 6th try. It must be frustrating, but I say be encourage. Delay does not mean denial. Hugs to you and keep studying. The fact that you have not given up means your a fighter and you want this. It will happen soon. Best of luck and God bless.
  12. @wanttobern classes varies. Some NU Nursing classes are twice a week and others are one. Perquisites are once a week but, all of them are subject to change. Clinicals are done at Nursing Homes, Rehabilitation Centers and Critical Care is done at Memorial. Everything is working out for the best at ITT and I still like it. I hope you will too.
  13. Congratulations and Good Luck. @Tprodgers as always it's always negative and positives to nursing schools you just have to make up your mind and do what is best for you.
  14. Fearless_leader

    ITT-TECH Student Nurses Roll Call

    Hi Amglover93, I attend Davie campus in Fort Lauderdale. Currently in Funds 2 getting ready for Med Surg. in the fall yeah..I plan on waiting a year to begin my BSN program. From there I plan to move up to MSN or DNP. I work already in a hospital that I love so I plan on staying there. In order to reach these goals I will continue to study hard and engage in resources that will help me pass the exit exams every quarter. A lot of students don't realize that its more to do besides the assignments on the syllabus. My cohort doesn't practice many rationales. I try to explain that part but they think I over do it. Any who my favorite books to help me succeed are Mary Ann Hogan reviews and Rationales and Success books Davis, Nugent and of course Saunders Nclex. This is my second nursing program and I'm doing so much better than my former college. Good luck in your classes.
  15. Fearless_leader

    Post your graduation countdown :)

    446 Days
  16. Just dropping in and thought I would let anyone in the South Florida (Ft. Lauderdale) area know that, I am happy so far. I'm 4 weeks into the semester and I am doing great. Compared to the previous ADN program I was in. We use most of the same books my former community college uses. The instructors actually have time for you, and I leave the school feeling like I have learned something, and I can confidently ask for help. All smiles here. :)