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Red Kryptonite has 3 years experience and specializes in hospice.

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  1. Doctors Don't Always Listen: Bridging the Communication Gap

    The more doctors I meet, the more I hate them. Honestly. The few decent ones stick out like sore thumbs.
  2. It's not my job to pray with you.

    Go to a Catholic university and then complain it's too Catholic? I just can't even...... You chose to be there. You knew it was religious. Either pull up the big boy/girl pants and deal, or transfer. And as to prestigious.....when it comes to nurs...
  3. How do you get to Blue from the mobile app?

    Sorry. Prayers/good vibes/well wishes for your time of grieving.
  4. RN Starbucks side job?

    My daughter, who will be leaving for college in a couple weeks to study aerospace engineering and physics, is actively looking for stable hand jobs. The area of her university is fairly rural and the town boasts the oldest continuously running rodeo...
  5. Wage for STNA or CNA

    Fly by night 3 week (okay 6 weekends) crash course graduate checking in. I'm an excellent CNA and just finished my first semester of LPN school. What was that you were saying?
  6. Ugh, I don't even want to think about it. The first semester of this 2 semester program was challenging enough with my teenage daughter doing a lot of driving her siblings around. Now she's leaving, and underneath being sad that she's all grown up ...
  7. Nursing and the supernatural

    Just because something might sometimes be happening does not mean it always has to be happening. I don't hold any strong position on the supernatural, but I think some things are possible. "There are more things in Heaven and Earth than are dreamt ...
  8. Noncompliant diabetic patients

    What a sandbag! Follow P&P and end up written up?! For any nurse managers reading this, that kind of crap is what makes your floor staff hate and you and see you as completely unsupportive and out of touch.
  9. Ridiculous medical mistakes on TV

    Boy do I think the folks over at mortuary would be irritated if we tried that! And no, KY doesn't always work, unfortunately. Some of them dead eyelids are just stubborn.
  10. California Vaccine Bill Eliminates Personal Exemption

    Amen. I have a friend whose baby recently got her first MMR. She was posting all over Facebook asking for prayers about the baby's "terrible reaction" to the MMR. Baby cut four teeth together the same week and had a fever of 103, and was fussy. *...
  11. But all the Nurse is doing is sitting down. Why cant the help?

    What the? Dear Lord, that little piece of work needs an attitude tune up. I can't imagine any workplace that supports behavior like that. If yours does, I'm truly sorry for you. I refused to speak like that to a nurse even when a wussy charge nur...
  12. cnas and end of shift med. count

    Arizona allows CNAs to be trained as med techs too, in certain kinds of facilities. But a CNA who does not have such training is violating scope by being responsible for medications in any way except assistance with self administration, like reminde...
  13. cnas and end of shift med. count

    No way in hell would I allow my employer to make me responsible for medications I can't even legally touch. I actually had to do battle with my boss about a similar issue regarding scope. When your butt ends up in a sling with the BON these people ...
  14. Too old to do NP program?

    Where do people get this idea that you have to achieve everything before 35 or you're a failure? I mean....what do we do after 35? Decline, shrivel, and die?
  15. Family issue..Thoughts?

    Mine too.