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Jen_Loves_Nursing has 2 years experience and specializes in ICU/ER, Maternal, Psych.

Mom, wife, dancer, student nurse, youtuber.

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  1. Jen_Loves_Nursing

    Any suggestions on shoes???

    My youtube review on Nurse Mates "Halle" in white. $37 on amazon.
  2. Jen_Loves_Nursing

    Do I really need to study for teas

    Thank you! Id love for you to sub! It is basically my journey from pre nursing to RN and everything else in between to get there!
  3. Jen_Loves_Nursing

    Do I really need to study for teas

    Me too!
  4. Jen_Loves_Nursing

    Do I really need to study for teas

    I always assumed the HeESI was harder... i it really harder then TEASVV?
  5. Jen_Loves_Nursing

    Do I really need to study for teas

    Thanks! Id love to have you a sub! its basically my journey through nursing school from pre nursing to RN!
  6. Jen_Loves_Nursing

    Does pharmacy technician experience count for nursing?

    I highly doubt it. I would focus more on getting your RN.
  7. Jen_Loves_Nursing

    Do I really need to study for teas

    I rented my ATI study guide for $18 on valorebooks.com lots of youtube vids too. I have one,
  8. Jen_Loves_Nursing

    Spring 2015 Roll call!!!

    SO what questions should i ask tasha?
  9. I have my nursing school orientation tomorrow afternoon and I am totally nervous. Any advise on what I should ask would be greatly appreciated!!!! Jen
  10. Jen_Loves_Nursing

    Chromebook or Tablet

    I personally don't like chrome books because they are google everything. which bothered me.
  11. Jen_Loves_Nursing

    Do I really need to study for teas

    YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ok so, I heard it was pretty easy high school level. I still got the ATI book and semi studied... the english was reasonable to me the math was easy for me... very basic... but the science, oh boy! thats what you need to study. I thought i was just body science and thats what i studied for NO WAY! Life and plant science. Get the ATI book make a study calendar and study. My program didn't turn you away for a bad score they just wanted to see where you were at scholastically.. but if your program needs a specific score... STUDY!
  12. Jen_Loves_Nursing

    Redlands ROP 2015 LVN program

    Deb... Will I see you tomorrow??? at orientation? do you know how long it will be?
  13. Jen_Loves_Nursing

    Spring 2015 Roll call!!!

    Tasha... Yes i can hardly handle the suspense! AHHHHHH!
  14. Jen_Loves_Nursing

    Advice for new nursing students!

    Costco also refills for like $7
  15. Jen_Loves_Nursing

    Finishing program but very hurt and disappointed

    When I worked in hospital unfortunately there is too much estrogen and a lot of politics. I was an amazing hard working CNA who got the crap end of the stick more times then i like to admit. Its not new news that clinical instructors like outgoing students willing to jump in and kiss butt... this doesn't mean you are any less of a student/nurse... let it go and be thankful the experience is over. If your only complaint is that you didn't get a "pat on the back" award... you had a great experience with your school!
  16. Jen_Loves_Nursing

    Monday is my first day of nursing school!!!!!

    I start mine 1/20, I am already a bundle of nerves!!!!! Congrat and let us know how goes!